1963 Mini

1963 Mini Bodyshell Repainted

Work is now complete on our 1963 Mini respray.

Almond Green: GN37 – ICI Variant Code: 3483

Old English White: WT03 – ICI Variant Code: 2379


Images of the car, now rebuilt.

Painting the Mini bodyshell

The Almond Green finish is looking now on our 1963 Mini bodyshell as we now head into the final stages of our respray.










1963 Mini Paintwork

The underneath and inside of our 1963 Mini is now finished in Almond Green as work continues on the full respray.

The car is in with us for body preparation and paint and we then hand back to the owner to be rebuilt.


Preparing the bodyshell

One of the first projects to be painted in the new year, we are now finishing off the preparation of our Mini bodyshell.