1960 Morris Minor

Morris Minor Repairs

After suffering from an unfortunate bump while at home, our 1960 Morris Minor has been needing some repair work completed by classic car technician Mauro.

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Morris Minor Repairs

After suffering from an unfortunate bump while at home, our 1960 Morris Minor has been needing some repair work completed by classic car technician Mauro.

Mauro has been focused on repairing the front wing that seemed to take the brunt of the impact. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before the fully recovered Minor goes back home to its owner.

An Injured Morris Minor Returns

Our 1960 Morris Minor is returning to the workshop following an unfortunate bump.

While parked at home, this beautiful classic was hit by a passing vehicle causing damage to various parts. Amazingly, this is actually the second time the car has experienced this type of accident. Back in 2021, we welcomed it back into the workshop for similar repairs.

Once our classic Morris Minor arrives with us, our team of classic car technicians will assess the damage before putting a plan in place to repair it and get it back to its owner as soon as possible.

Testing the Morris Minor!

Dave has given the 1960 Morris Minor a final once over.

The fuel pump gaskets have been replaced. He removed the fuel tank sender unit to check it was in good working condition, which it was after cleaning. The fuel tank sender unit was re-installed with new gaskets. Dave also put in a new top hose and topped up with water and antifreeze.

The Morris Minor was test-driven after all this was done and all was fine, with the temperature gauge being checked in the process. The trafficator and temperature gauge are working perfectly now!

Tyre Assist Ipswich – July 2021

Tyre Assist Ipswich, formerly know as We Fit Any Tyres Anyway has successfully re-fitted the tyre to our freshly painted Morris Minor wheel. It was caught up in a spot of bother when a vehicle collided with our Morris but failed to stop. The car is in with us now being repair. Thanks as always Graeme.

Morris Ready For Paint

Our beautiful blue Morris Minor is in the paint booth ready for paint to finish its visit.

Morris Minor matches up!

Our 1960 blue Morris Minor has been in the paint shop this week with Chris and Matt, having it’s recently repaired rear wing painted to match the rest of the car and the wheel primed and painted, it’s now back to its colourful former self!

Morris Minor’s Wheel Arch Repair

After a hit and run collision that left this little moggy with a severely dented rear wheel arch, we’ve begun our repair worked to get this Morris Minor back on the road. The damage was rather substantial and has needed James to fabricate in a new rear arch and panel which will later be painted.

1960 Morris Minor’s Bump

This charming 1960 Morris Minor has come in to attend to a major bump and dent on its rear wheel arch. This classic unfortunately got his by another car that pushed it into the curb and bent the wheel on the other side too.

We sold this Morris a few years ago, and whilst its sad to see it back in this condition, its nice to have it under our roof and in the safe hands of our technicians.

We’ll need to address the damage to see how we will attempt to fix it.

Coming Soon: 1960 Morris Minor

Due in to our showroom and available for sale later this month we have our beautiful 1960, smoke grey Morris Minor.

This unique little classic has an impressive 1275cc engine with a five speed gear box so you have the honour of owning a classic but the enjoyment of keeping up with modern day traffic.

She’s already ready to jump in and enjoy this year’s summer show season.