1959 Jensen 541R

Good As New

Our friends at Wyatt Polishing recently completed some restoration work and zinc plating for a number of seat runners and bonnet struts for the Jensens

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Rebuilding A Jensen 541R

Classic car technician Rob has continued his work on our 1959 Jensen 541R. He has made and fitted the bulkhead heat shields, as well as bolting the rear axle and front suspension cross member into place.

The engine of this rare Jensen is now also back with the car. Rob actually came up with an innovative new way of getting the engine back into the car and this is something the whole team will look to implement going forwards.

As we are well-known for some of our restoration work on Jensens 541Rs, it shows that the experience the classic car technicians, like Rob, have is allowing them to come up with new ways of restoring these cars and keeping them on the road for as long as possible.

We will certainly be delving deeper into the new engine fitting process very soon but, for now, it is exciting to see our 1959 Jensen 541R coming back together nicely.

Highlights Of A Paint Job

Our 1959 Jensen 541R has recently been painted green. While the car looks great in its painted state, it’s always exciting to see some of the steps in more detail that led to the finished paint job.

Classic car technician Al took some photos during the process and, as you can see from the photos below, his hard work and skill have led to a job well done.

Once Al had finished painting our 541R, he went through the process of flatting using a 1500 trizact followed by a 3000. The car was then polished and cleaned ready for fitting up very soon.

Good As New

Our friends at Wyatt Polishing recently completed some restoration work and zinc plating for a number of seat runners and bonnet struts for the Jensens currently in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

When components like this look as good as they now do, you can tell that the fully restored cars they become a part of will be as beautiful as ever.

A Brief History Of The Jensen 541

The Jensen 541 was a car produced by Jensen Motors. Each one of these cars has an individual story to tell, but the story of the Jensen 541, in general, is one that many car enthusiasts should be keen to hear.

If you want to know more about these truly iconic classic cars, then this brief history of the Jensen 541 can give you a good idea of how special (and rare) these cars really are.

October 1953 – The Launch Of The Jensen 541

At the Earls Court Motor Show of 1953, the Jensen 541 was shown to the public for the very first time. It would be another eight months before production properly started but, this was the date when the world was officially introduced to the 541.

Up until the 541, Jensen had mostly been using aluminium for the bodywork of their Interceptors (there were restrictions on the use of steel still in place as the world recovered from the second world war). When it came to making the boot lids of the Interceptors though, Jensen played around with a new material of the time – fibreglass.

When working on the idea for the 541, Jensen wanted to do something big, so they decided to make a lot more of the car from this new wonder material.

June 1954 – Production Begins

In June of 1954, production of the Jensen 541 began. At the time, you could buy your very own 541 for £2146.

October 1956 – Say Hello To The 541 Deluxe

A little over 2 years after production of the 541 began, the 541 Deluxe was introduced. As this was a more luxurious car that featured all disc brakes, the price of the car increased to £2626.

Only 53 Jensen 541 Deluxes were made in total.

October 1957 – Here Comes The Jensen 541R

A year later, the 541R was introduced. When first released, these were fitted with Austin Princess (DS7) twin-carb engines, and an overdrive gearbox. The price tag for a 541R, at the time, was £2866.

January 1958 – No More Original Jensen 541

At the beginning of 1958, the very last Jensen 541 was made.

October 1960 – From R To S

Two years later, the Jensen 541R was pulled from production too. At this point, less than 200 541Rs had been made. Jensen had now moved on to the Jensen 541S which had a larger interior, and automatic transmission as standard. Due to these upgrades, the 541S cost £3195.

January 1963 – The End Of The Road

At the beginning of 1963, production of the Jensen 541S ended. Less than 150 had been made before being replaced by the Jensen CV-8 which had been introduced the previous year (1962).

Bridge Classic Cars And The Jensen 541

Jensens have had a strong presence in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for a long time. Our team of classic car technicians have restored multiple 541s and some of our current projects include a few more too.

Considering only a few hundred of these classic cars were made, we love seeing them in the workshop. We love working on them, and we love getting them back on the road for everyone to enjoy.

Off to a New Home – 1959 Jensen 541R Princess Grey Goes to a New Owner

We recently said goodbye to Princess Grey. Off to be restored by its enthusiastic new owner who will love and cherish this car.

Princess Grey is a 1959 Jensen 541R which we stored with the prospect of one day being commissioned to build her for a new owner and keep another 541 safe for prosperity and generations to come. That is still going to happen but just not with us.

However, it is really exciting to see it going off to the new owner and we look forward to seeing updates on the car.

Jensen Journaal – July 2021

It is lovely to receive a copy of the Zomer 2021 Jensen Journaal in the post this week.

Several of our Jensens that we have restored have been featured in this month’s copy of the Dutch magazine, Jensen Journaal! https://jensenholland.nl/ It’s an absolute privilege, so thank you.

The magazine talks about our 1957 Jensen 541R, the 1958 Jensen 541R, the 1960 Jensen 541R and the 1960 Jensen 541S (The Prototype).

Here are our website links to the cars that were featured to find out more information on each of the restoration projects.





Bespoke Jensen book bag!

We call it the Jensen bible and in order to protect it Kath has made a bespoke leather book bag.

Jensen Genome Richard Calver July 2019 Edition

She started the process by drawing, measuring and working out the dimensions and design for the bag. Black leather was cut out to the required shapes and measurements and then mounted onto 3mm foam. She then sewed around the edges of the mounted pieces to make sure they were secure.

The first step in putting it all together was to sew a zip between two pieces of mounted leather with a zipper foot. Red topstitching went down either side of the zip as a finishing touch. Kath attached the zip and sidebands with clips onto the front of the book bag, to make sure it all fitted together, before sewing in place. She checked the book fitted inside, before sewing the back of the bag on. Red topstitching running around the outside edges of the front and back matched the zipper.

1959 Jensen 541R For Sale

Now that we’ve received all the parts for this 1959 541R Jensen, it’s up for sale and ready for someone to take it on as a project. For the new owner of this Jensen, we can restore it to any standard they wish, whether that’s original or bespoke.

Our Peony Red Jensen has been a similar project with the client wanting to take on a project for us to create a bespoke classic.

Please note: this vehicle is for sale via eBay as an auction. The starting price is £1,000 and the auction ends on 9th June 2021 – eBay ad

1959 Jensen 541R Resto-Project

We’ve recently welcomed this 1959 Jensen 541R into the workshop as a restoration project for someone to take on to turn into their dream Jensen. The beauty of retoration projects like this is that this Jensen is a blank canvas which can be made back to originaly and become a custom classic.

If you’re interested in purchasing this, you can get in touch via info@bridgeclassiccars.co.uk