1958 Austin Healey 100/6

Recommissioning our 1958 Austin-Healey 100/6

Julian has been hard at work recommissioning our 1958 Austin-Healey 100/6 for the road.

The 100/6 is on the ramp at our Suffolk HQ after being off the road for several years. To begin with, Julian carried out a full service on the classic sports car which involved a full fluid, filter and plug change along with several new hoses which had deteriorated whilst the car had stood. Whilst the hoses were off the car, it was the perfect opportunity to flush out both the radiator and engine block before fitting the hoses and then renewing the antifreeze.

After that, Julian could turn his attention to the underside of the car. New front brake pads were fitted and then the rear brakes were cleaned and adjusted after the fluid had been flushed and changed. Whilst the car was up on the ramp, the team could take the opportunity to replace perished bushes in several areas such as the front anti-roll bar and the rear panhard bar, whilst also replacing the inner and out track rod boots.

We could also then go through the process of draining any old fuel out of the petrol tank before inspecting and refilling with a few fresh litres and then begin the process of waking the car back up before beginning to remove and align parts of the bodywork and trim ahead of its transfer to the body shop.

Workshop Walkaround – A Few Projects

With the team here at Bridge Classic Cars always working on something, whether that be the restorations technicians in the various departments, the marketing team or the leadership teams, we are all focused around our incredible workshop.

We’re all incredibly lucky to be able to be surrounded by these cars on a daily basis and every day is different as each project is unique and individual.

For example, the cars which are currently in the workshop – span nearly 115 years between them. From our 1905 Riley 9HP which Steve has been preparing ahead of its first drive all the way up to our 2022 Bridge C-Type which is also being readied for its maiden voyage in its period-correct trim. In between those extremes, is our 1939 Jaguar SS100 which Julian has been working on reassembling after a spring change and our 1958 Austin-Healey 100/6 (which was recently removed from a local barn) is being recommissioned and shown a bit of TLC.

A Future Competition Car

Our 1958 Austin Healey 100/6 has just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

Once it has been inspected and assessed, with any repairs being made, it will go on to be available to win through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

This classic already looks great so we can only imagine how incredible it will look as it leaves the workshop in the near future.