1955 MG Magnette

A Different New Arrival

Earlier today, our 1955 MG Magnette arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. This new arrival is a little bit different though – it’s actually

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A Different New Arrival

Earlier today, our 1955 MG Magnette arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. This new arrival is a little bit different though – it’s actually my new classic (sort of!).

Through the Classic Car Loan Project, I am the custodian of this beautiful classic for the next 12 months.

While the car is in my care, I will be taking it to all of our events and car shows. I will also be using it regularly for the pure enjoyment of doing so!

Peter, who is the owner of the car, drove it to the workshop and spent lots of time showing me around it. I obviously returned the favour by showing him around the workshop and all of our current projects.

Thank you to Peter and everyone at the Classic Car Loan Project who helped organise the handover – I look forward to making the most out of my time with the beautiful MG Magnette.

Classic Car Loan Project

Coming into contact with a wide range of classic cars every day, it is painfully clear to me that each and every classic comes with a unique story and history. Whether it be a rare car with a racing pedigree, being previously owned by a celebrity, or even a former everyday car that is full of nostalgia and memories of times gone by; there is always something to experience.

There is a worry that over the coming decades, as these automotive legacies continue to age, there will be a lack of people passionate about these cars to keep them on the road for future generations to enjoy and admire.

With this in mind, the Classic Car Loan Project has been formed to help keep the interest in classic vehicles alive and to help more people into the classic car world.

Driving Passion in the Next Generation

The Classic Car Loan Project (CCLP) stems from a very simple idea: what if young people could experience the joy and challenge of driving a classic car; not as a rare treat but as part of their daily lives?

This question led to the launch of the Classic Car Loan Project 7 years ago, starting with just one generous owner and one classic car. Fast forward to today, the project has grown to include over 20 classic cars with more owners joining every year.

How The Classic Car Loan Project Works

The Classic Car Loan Project operates on a straightforward structure: selected young drivers are given the opportunity to borrow a classic car for up to a year. This arrangement isn’t just about driving a historical vehicle though; it’s a comprehensive experience that involves caring for and maintaining a piece of automotive history. The project targets individuals who have a genuine interest in classic cars but might not have the means or opportunity to own one themselves.

A Win-Win Situation

At its core, the project serves a dual purpose. For young enthusiasts, it offers an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of classic cars, learning not just about driving but also about the responsibilities of maintenance and preservation. For the owners, it provides the satisfaction of sharing their passion and the assurance that their classics are being enjoyed and not left to gather dust.

The Journey So Far

Over the years, the Classic Car Loan Project has caught the attention of the classic car community. Each story of a young driver bonding with their borrowed car is a testament to the project’s success in bridging the generational gap in automotive enthusiasm. From attending car shows to interacting with clubs, borrowers have taken their temporary ownership of these vehicles seriously, contributing to a renewed interest in classic car preservation.

The Future Of The Classic Car Loan Project

As the project continues to grow, the organisers are constantly looking for more owners willing to share their classic cars and for young enthusiasts keen to join the classic car lifestyle. The ultimate goal is not just to keep classic cars on the road but to ensure that the stories, heritage, and passion for these vehicles are passed down to future generations.