The cars are out on the hottest day so far.

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

A night’s relaxation at Morston Hall in Holt, Norfolk is always a lovely experience with it’s Michelin Star cuisine and beautiful grounds. And it’s even more of a pleasure to have Head Chef and owner Galton Blackiston drifting in and out of the beautiful rooms making you all feel very special.

Upon arrival I saw this lovely Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 111. I soon tracked down the owner Tony Yallond and had had a fifteen minute, very interesting chat about his car and garage experiences.

Tony also has a Chinese eye at home in the garage.

Former market trader Tony seemed very relaxed after his lunch at Morston with his very elegant wife and companion.

Tony followed us out to let us see inside his lovely Rolls and upon opening the door of his well used car the smell of old leather and wood set us up for the day.

We said goodbye to Tony and headed for a walk by the sea to be approached by this lovely Alvis wafting up the drive.

After a short conversation with the owner we carried on our walk to the car park area where we saw the immaculate MGA sitting resplendent in the April sun with its picnic table and chairs it was surround by various boats of all shapes and sizes.

Briefly I asked the owner if he wanted to be famous and let me put it on our websites which he replied with a smile that he was already famous.

Walking round the other side of the car park we came across this very unusual and rare Dodge Coronet. It’s rarity was in its right hand drive and with an absent owner I could only guess that it hit these shores via somewhere like Australia.

Earlier in the day, whilst tracking down the owner of the Rolls I had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman and his wife who said the Rolls was sadly not theirs but he did have at home a Mk1 Ford Cortina.

When I asked him if he used it much he told me as a part of his retirement that he travels around Suffolk and visits our churches and photographs his car with the church and writes about the experience.

I left all our details with him and I hope he gets in touch as I would love to run this very interesting story on our website.


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