Building The Dash And Stripping The Brakes

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Classic Car Technician Scott has been busy building up the dash in our 1969 Morris Minor 1000 Convertible. Once he had finished this, he moved on to stripping the brakes so he could check they were in full working order.

After cleaning, greasing, readjusting, and reassembling the brakes, he was happy with them all apart from the off-side front brakes. It was here that Scott found one of the cylinders was seized and another was leaking. A new set of cylinders has been ordered to rectify the issue.

While removing the brake line, the flexi hose was found to be corroded to the point where it broke away from the body of the car as the brake line was removed. Scott repaired the inner wing section and rewelded the bracket in place.

He also began making new front brake lines while the front braking system was apart.

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