The brand new Jensen steering wheel arrives

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Although our current gel coated steering was in better than average condition we needed to look at freshening it up so that it did not stand out against the rest of the car once the restoration was complete. This task proved very difficult as there are very few companies that are able to offer the gel coating. Other companies could offer the ‘next best thing’ but that was not what we wanted.

We heard rumours that the Jensen 541S steering wheel matched that of an Aston Martin DB5 but not only would be just as difficult to find, it was also incorrect information as the DB5 wheel is a different dimension. Albeit the same look.

We then stumbled across the guys at Classic Car Restoration Services, they were able to produce a brand new wheel to perfectly match the wheel from the Jensen…and offer a gel coat service in their factory. They are one of those fantastic finds that you know will come in very useful for many years to come.



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