Better test your brakes before driving this route!

Better test your brakes before driving this route!

Incredible images show nerve-shredding cliff-side road in China – with 45 deadly hairpins in just three miles.

A spectacular mountain road in southwest China has become the new talking point among petrolheads after pictures of the mind-boggling motorway emerged on the Internet.

Breathtaking photographs on People’s Daily Online capture the dozens of deadly hairpin turns on the winding road, which stretches for 3.5 miles (5,757 metres) in Xiushan county, Chongqing municipality.

The cliff-side motorway, dubbed ‘Road to Heaven’, has become one of the must-visit destinations for Chinese driving enthusiasts.

Dangerous Road 01

Dangerous Road 02

The nerve-shredding road is carved into the side of a steep mountain and is surrounded by luscious greenery.

Elevating from 2,050 feet to 3,855 feet above the sea level, it has an astonishingly 45 hairpins.

The formidably road connects Chuanhegai, a 1,000-family mountain village situated at an altitude of 3,117 feet high, with its nearest town called Pingma.

The local government plans to brand the monster motorway as a main tourist attraction and hopes it will bring more visitors to the remote region.

Dangerous Road 03

Dangerous Road 04

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