Behind The Scenes – Shooting the 1959 MGA Twin Cam

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

It was a cold and damp January morning as the 1959 MGA Twin Cam fired into life outside the Bridge Classic Cars hangar. As the 1600cc 4 cylinder thumped away to warm up, the Bridge Classic Cars team got ready to capture just how beautiful this little sports car really was.

As Freddie got his camera gear ready to film, Nick gave Hayley the rundown on the car. The engine was snappy and responsive and this car had disc brakes all around. That was the only thing that our presenter needed to know because it was about as perfect as an MGA Twin Cam can be.

Hayley got in the bright blue, low slung sports car. And with a simple push forward on the gearstick, it slipped straight into 1st. The car began rolling down the runway towards our filming location with the camera car in hot pursuit. The now 62-year-old ex-race car wanted to stretch its legs…

Once the convoy had reached the outskirts of the airbase, the team went through the plan. All the while, the B series engine sat there idling perfectly. Throughout the whole time, it never missed a beat. It put the biggest smile on Hayley’s face despite the sub-zero temperature.

From every angle, the car looked fast. It had grace, it had presence and it had a purpose. The dark, black, all business interior just went further to compliment the stunning pale blue exterior in the mid-winter sun.

And best of all? You could win this very car. Just head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website for your chance to be part of the next chapter in our 1959 MGA Twin Cam’s story.

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