Behind The Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1986 Ford Capri

With the 1986 Ford Capri being completely checked over, inspected and worked on by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop, it’s time to do this iconic classic Fords photoshoot.

With a clean bill of health by the workshop, Freddie and Hayley took the legendary sports car up to our filming location to shoot this car’s photos and videos because it is now a competition car! Yes, you could win this very car.

The light was near enough perfect for the shoot. The deep, rich black bodywork contrasting against the green background of the location. The 1.6-litre based 4 cylinder was bustling with life, wanting to stretch its legs at less than a moment’s notice. In the winter sun, it was idyllic. The long, flowing bonnet which greets the driver, the short stubby back and the signature Ford steering wheel talking away to the driver about the road which rushes past the low slung GT car.

This Capri benefits from some engine work done to it by its previous owners in which oversized pistons and a new cam profile mean that this Capri really does pick up and go.

You can check it out and enter now over on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website! Click the link below.

Click here to go to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions

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