Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with Bike Like a Mum and the FB Mondial 300

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

For our latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions offering, we have teamed up with local motorcycle enthusiast and vlogger – Bike Like a Mum.

Karina has been a friend of Bridge Classic Cars for quite a while and this was the perfect project to team up together for. The 2021 FB Mondial is that project.

It’s a retro-inspired sports bike that is low, comfortable and its 249cc engine gives enough power and grunt to be perfectly useable for either fun or for commuting. Karina’s story into motorcycling begins with her connection to several family members who had been involved in motorcycling throughout her life. As time went on, Karina decided it was time to get involved.

She went out and passed her CBT and bought her first motorcycle, a 125cc commuter which she has ridden all the way to Wales! So, she was the first person we called to try out the FB Mondial outside of the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team.

So, on a sunny winter’s morning, the whole team and Karina got together at our secure storage facility The Hangar. The plan was to shoot videos for both the latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions offering, the 2021 FB Mondial and for Karinas series of videos across her social media channels under the name Bike Like a Mum.

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