Bank Holiday Monday – Worlingworth Car Treasure Hunt

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Monday 29th May 2017 – Bank Holiday Monday

Worlingworth Car Treasure Hunt

Anything planned for Bank Holiday Monday?

If not, why not join the folk of Worlingworth for the day on their leisurely Treasure Hunt – a gentle journey through the lanes of “Secret” Suffolk, with 50 “treasures” to spot from the car and clues to solve along the 65 miles route?

The Hunt starts and finishes at Worlingworth Community Centre, IP13 7HX, commencing at 11.00am.

There is absolutely no racing involved – just enjoy the scenery! – and the likely driving time is about 4 hours. The route includes a 40 minute lunch break at Wissett, so bring a picnic.

There will be toilets available along the way, indicated in the Navigator’s notes. Refreshments will be available afterwards at the Community Centre from 3pm onwards.

All materials will be provided, including answer sheets and route details (not Tulip style). There are no restrictions on the use of SatNavs or O.S. maps, but you don’t need either. Because of the time involved, this is not a suitable event for children, say below 12, but that is up to you. To help with navigation and clue spotting, the ideal number per car is 3 persons (or more).

The entrance fee, payable at the start on the day itself, is £10 per car, and the best answers to the 50 treasures will win the £50 prize for that car’s participants.

If you are interested please contact Bernard Butler by email on  as soon as possible to reserve your place (and certainly before May 25th to help us assess paperwork needs).

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