Aston Martin AMV8 work at Bridge Classic Cars

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We had a successful day yesterday working through our list. With the majority of the smaller tasks complete, today we tackled the possible oil leak and oil change.

The boot lock is now repaired, the windscreen wiper blades are now working as they should, the wiring problem that was preventing the aerial from working properly has now been fixed and we’ve even tidied up the boot area.

We also discovered a couple of unexpected issues that we have also rectified; the washer pump was not working at all, the washer jets were out of alignment and all vacuum pipes were either split or collapsed. This was due to incorrect vacuum pipes being used previously.

Unfortunately it has not all been as simple as it may seem. We were asked to investigate a possible leak underneath at the front of the engine. Upon closer inspection the leak is coming from the main oil seal gasket not working efficiently.

Until this issue is resolved, we will not carry out the oil change. The oil change will commence once the seal has been replaced.

We’ve also discovered a slight leak to the radiator. At first glance it looks as though someone has tightened too tightly which has created a pocket for fluid to escape. Unfortunately, it is not a simple case of releasing the tension slightly, there could be more to this so the radiator is best being removed. This task will have to happen anyway to get to the oil seal so this task can be carried out at the same time.

Moving on from this, the brakes have now been bled and the nipples are all freshly re-greased.

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