Assessment Of Our 1975 MGB GT V8

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1975 MGB GT V8 has been undergoing its initial checks and assessment by classic car technician Steve.

When any classic vehicle arrives at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, it is thoroughly inspected and assessed to identify any restoration work that may need to be carried out before the car is ready to move on through its restoration journey, back to its owner, or over to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions for someone to win.

Some of the tasks that were completed to make sure everything is as it should be on this beautiful classic car include Steve checking and cleaning the rear brakes as well as cleaning the sump and engine gasket surfaces before reassembling them.

While Steve was working on our 1975 MGB GT V8, he noticed that there appeared to be coolant leaking from the car. To find the cause of the leak, he removed the inlet manifold and water pump rear housing. Once these were removed, Steve was able to identify that there were actually two leaks – one coming from the inlet manifold gasket and the other from the steel heater pipe under the manifold.

Steve’s inspection and assessment of our MGB GT V8 will continue until he is completely satisfied that the car is ready to move on to the next chapter of its story.

If you can see yourself as the new owner of our 1975 MGB GT V8, then keep an eye on the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website as, at some point in the near future, it will be one of the impressive classic vehicles you can win for yourself.

In the meantime though, it will continue its stay in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop while Steve and the rest of the workshop team continue making sure it drives as good as it looks!

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