Anything but mellow…

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our eye-catching bright yellow 1971 Lotus Europa arrived with us at Bridge Classic Cars HQ this morning and is anything but mellow.

Designed as the optimal Grand Prix sports car, the Europa has a lightweight fibreglass body and super responsive throttle making it great fun to drive.

Our little beauty has been in the same family since new, passed down through generations and spent the last ten years or so in a barn in Suffolk.

Her latest owner, Dan Dew of Demand Engineering in Stonham Aspal, inherited the rare sports car from his Grandfather Lawrence Dew back in 2010. “It’s been mine inherently for some years now, but still stored in my Grandfathers barn” Dan tells us. “As he’s got older, I felt it was the right time to take her off his hands and get her restored.”

There was a real buzz in the workshop today as Bridge Classic Car owners, father and son, Gordon and Craig, gushed over their latest purchase.

“It’s not often I get excited” Gordon expressed, “but today, I’m excited. You can’t take the smile off my face.”

The team at Bridge Classic Cars plan get her cleaned up and the engine recommissioned, then plan what the future holds for this little sports car from there.

We’re excited to see the progress made on our idyllic Lotus Europa, we’re sure you are too!

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