An 80’s Hatchback With A Secret Addition: Honda City Turbo II

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

This 1981 Honda City Turbo II is the perfect city hatchback. Being small and nippy, it is perfectly designed to navigate city living, however, this Japanese classic came with a surprising addition that could be stored in the boot: a 49cc motorbike called the Motocompo.

This motorbike is what Honda called a ‘trunk bike’, a small and portable bike designed to be folded up and be stored in the back of your hatchback. This urban mobility solution came back 40 years before anyone really started talking about such concepts, making this Japanense classic a car well ahead of its time.

With a top speed of 18 miles an hour, this suitcase scooter was designed to be ridden through city centres with the idea of parking your car in the suburbs. As accessories go, it’s a lot more cumbersome than a furry steering wheel cover or sporty spoiler, however, it does provide a great deal of practicality.

Honda has recently teased some new folding electric motorbikes, have trademarked the name ‘Motocompacto’, suggesting that these nifty bikes may be making a comeback after being discontinued. Their new Honda E takes on resemblances of its iconic predecessor and has already begun to wow crowds focused in on e-city cars. With no wing mirrors, the new Honda E’s sleek design instead finds them as cameras inside the car, located on the dashboard with the 6 other display screens, making your commute navigation system a newly enhanced DJ deck.

You can read Top Gear’s detailed feature here.

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