A workshop Triumph

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Although it has a long road ahead of it, we’re already pleased by the progress the TR5 is making.

Our Triumph TR5 is set to have the full works here at Bridge Classic Cars. As a long-standing restoration project, we have some big plans for this car.

So far in its journey, it has had all the bodywork done by our classic car technician Mauro, the electrics done by Adam, and the engine work carried out by our engine specialist Ady.

The body has been mounted to the chassis in what Mauro tells us was the most challenging part.

“You have to allow room between the chassis and the body to enable the perfect fit. It’s hard to get it all to line up perfectly.”

With the doors having been added to the body, the TR5 is starting to take shape. It’s a meticulous and time consuming process, but is a crucial stage in this car’s restoration.

Mauro has just finished up our Triumph TR6 restoration project, meaning he’s becoming quite the specialist in working with Triumphs.

Adam has recently installed the wiring loom as well which can be seen below.

The front side lights and back side lights have also recently been fitted and are ready to be accompanied by the headlights.

Within the body of the car, the hand brake cables, prop shaft, gearbox mounting, and fuel pump have all been fitted by classic car technician, Mauro.

Next on the agenda is to fit its headlights, engine, water pump, exhaust manifold, and fan among many other modifications.

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