’96 Nissan Patrol now Adventure-proof

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Antony has been toiling away, repairing every sight of rust that has plagued the underside of our 1996 Nissan Patrol chassis. With fresh metal now let in, this superb off-roader will be ready to tackle many years of punishment from the elements.

After it’s stay in the fabrication bay, the vehicle has now made its way into our paint-shop. Pete has noticed a major leak from the front offside hub seal and has notified the workshop team. Once the Nissan leaves the paint shop it will have a full workshop inspection to correct any issues needed to get this car back at it’s best.

Being a rare left hand drive model, our Patrol came with chrome bumpers. Now incredibly difficult to find a replacement, the team will be repairing and re-chroming the original bumper.

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