March 20, 2024

Long awaited Pre Delivery Inspection complete!

It’s been a long time coming but we have finally completed the pre delivery inspection on our 1976 Leyland Mini Clubman 1100.

The road test proved a success. Just had to inflate the tyres and torque up the wheel nuts.

Jon has refitted the engine identification plate after the engine work has been carried out and she’s now good to go. Next stop, a very understanding and patient Henry who won the car back in January and is yet to see it. I’m sure, with all the unexpected work identified in the previous pre delivery inspection he’ll now be one very happy man.

Jaguar C-Type Replica rebuild progress

Every day is that one step closer to revealing the finished project. Our 2023 Jaguar C-Type replica is coming on leaps and bounds now with the refit well and truly underway. John has been busy fitting the lights back up and the wiring back in.

The next biggest piece in the colour changing process was the bonnet and Alan has been making this a reality this week. We now have colour.

Meanwhile we have removed the spacer blocks from the boot lid pins. We have now fitted in place and masked in position.

We have heated up with hot air gun to reshape and periodically repeated the process over a few hours.

The front suspension braces are now spaced.

We have wire brushed and painted the rusty engine mount bolts and finished in black. The rusty calipers bolts have been wire brushed and paint in silver.

The fuel filler cap has been removed and the neck clamp has been slackened. Two of the screws have been removed and repositioned to the left in rotation before re-securing. Fit filler cap, grease seal and Loctite threads and knock up tight.

Tracing – Looking Into an Indicator Issue on the 1939 Jaguar SS100

Workshop Manager John has been working on getting to the bottom of an issue with the indicators on the 1939 Jaguar SS100.

For this, John has been tracing the wiring back through the car to get to the bottom of why the nearside indicators won’t cancel. For this, he has had to remove certain sections and panels in the rare cars interior to gain access to the harness and test as it winds its way through the cabin and the car.

Final Checks – Checking our 1976 MG Midget Before Delivery

Our 1976 MG Midget is off to its new home! But before that, our technician Jon carried out the final checks on the classic sports car.

After a couple of adjustments and reworking the choke system, he got the classic sports car to idle perfectly from a cold start and repeated this test multiple times to ensure perfect running.

Finish Touches – Final 1905 Riley 9HP Parts Painted

The final parts of our 1905 Riley 9HP restoration project have been in the booth under the gun of our paint technician Mauro.

Mauro has been working on finishing these handmade parts in thick, gloss black for the workshop team to get back on the car ahead of the car’s unveiling at the Practical Classic Restoration Show at the Birmingham NEC this weekend.

On Top – Repairing the Roof of the 1951 Austin Devon Pickup

Chris, from the fabrication team, has been working on repairing the metalwork in the roof of the 1951 Austin Devon Pickup at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ.

After carefully removing the piece from the top of the vintage truck, he has carefully remade the part in order to get it to fit back flush and properly. With it being such a crucial piece, he has taken extra care to make sure every surface is as close to perfect before he begins to reattach the part to the truck.

Delicate Touch – Repairing the Rear Valance on the 1963 Bentley S3 Continental Coupe

Fabricator Chris has been working his magic on the valance of our 1963 Bentley S3 Continental Coupe.

With such an impressive and handmade car, adjustments sometimes have to be made in order to get the best fitting parts and ultimately the best end result, so the valance was handed over to our fabrication team to get delicately persuaded back into shape for this beautiful 1960s luxury coupe.

Back in Place – Refitting the speedometer of the 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1

Our technician Julian has been working on getting some of the final bits and pieces finished on our 1955 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk1.

We previously had found that the speedometer had an internal fault and had to be sent back to our gauge specialist for repairs but now, it can be fit back into the car and final testing can begin soon.

A New Shade – The 1956 Jensen 541 Gets New Wheels

With our 1956 Jensen 541 project moving quickly now, the team have had a chance to try out some new ideas for the car. One of which being the cars wheel colour.

This 541 is going to be fitted with wire wheels and to change things slightly, the team have opted for the dark red wheels you see here. This adds a beautiful flash of colour to the dark exterior and makes this car unique in its own way.

Moving Along – Our 1976 Triumph Spitfire Project is Progressing

Our technician Rob has been working on our 1976 Triumph Spitfire restoration project and getting it closer and closer to handing over to its excited owner.

With various pieces of trim both inside and out have found their way onto the Java Green 1970s sports car to take those steps towards the project being completed.

Coming Together – Trim team work on the interior of the 1905 Riley 9hp

Ahead of its unveiling at the Practical Classics Restoration Show at the Birmingham NEC this weekend, our restorations teams have been working flat out to get our 1905 Riley 9HP ready for its first public appearance in what is thought to be nearly 70 years.

The trim team have worked on getting the bench seat in place and the moldings secured ahead of the fabrication team coming in to put on some of the beautiful bronze accent pieces alongside the mechanical team getting all of the final pieces into place before systems checks.

Welcome Home – Our ‘New’ 1991 Jaguar XJS Le Mans V12 Arrives

To celebrate their win at the 1990 24 hours of Le Mans, Jaguar would take their flagship coupe and create a very special car to pay tribute to their illustrious racing history – the XJS Le Mans V12.

And this, is our one! Recently arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ, the 12-cylinder GT car will find its way into our workshops very soon for our restoration technicians to check over.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page very soon for more on our 1991 Jaguar XJS Le Mans V12.

A New Arrival – 2006 Nissan Micra

We’ve welcomed a few new arrivals this week at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ!

One of them being this 2006 Nissan Micra for the team to take a look at. Although not a classic, its adored and enjoyed by its owner who wants to keep the car in the best condition possible so has bought it over to our Pettistree workshops for the team to take a look at.