October 12, 2022

Primed And Ready

After undergoing recent work to resolve rust issues, our 1999 Rover BRM has had its primer applied and is now ready for its top coat

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Progressing Nicely

As our 1978 MGB GT continues to move through the restoration process, things are progressing well and more tasks have been ticked off the checklist.

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Classic Car Storage – How To Store Your Classic Car

Looking after a classic car brings some additional responsibilities than looking after a modern car. Something that you may not have considered is classic car storage.

With a newer car, you’ll likely be driving it on a regular basis. However, with a classic, it may be parked up for extended periods of time – over winter for example. Leaving a classic car to sit unprotected can have some very negative consequences. Issues such as rust, corrosion, parts seizing, dead batteries, and locked brakes to name just a few are fairly common.

If you are looking for ways to properly store your classic car, there are some things to keep in mind.

Store Your Classic Car In Your Garage

If you are fortunate enough to have a brick garage at home, then this is likely to be a very good place to store your classic car.

Brick buildings are very good at maintaining a stable temperature and keeping the environment relatively moisture-free. Both of these things are important if you want to prevent damage-causing condensation from forming during the colder months of the year.

Before storing your car in your garage, you will want to make sure any gaps are sealed. Big gaps under the door etc, should be covered to stop too much cold air from being able to make its way inside. You should also think about how secure your garage is. Upgrading your locks to a more robust system might be called for if you are worried about the security of your classic car in storage.

Storing your classic car in your garage is not always the best option for you though. Unless you have a window that you can open to improve air circulation, you might struggle to maintain a suitable storage environment. You will also need to look at the temperature. In particular, how much it fluctuates to avoid any heat/cold issues caused to your car.

Store Your Classic Car Outside

If you don’t have a garage to store your classic car in then you might choose to store it outside. If this is the case, you should ideally invest in a car cover that is perfectly suited to your vehicle. Finding the perfect car cover might not be possible though. If you are unable to find a cover that is the exact size of your car, then choose one that is slightly too big. You can use pegs (or similar) to secure it in place to make sure everything is suitably covered and protected.

When storing your classic car outside, it’s important to protect it from direct sunlight. It should also be protected from rain, bird mess, and pretty much any other form of moisture that could potentially damage it.

Lifting your car off the ground during outdoor storage can go a long way in protecting your tyres, wheels, and the underside of the vehicle too.

Use A Classic Car Storage Service

If you want to give your classic car the very best chance of being stored correctly, then using a classic car storage service will likely be your best option.

A professional car storage service can provide the best possible environment for safe and secure classic car storage.

If you’re looking for a car storage service, there are certain things that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Security – perhaps the biggest concern classic car owners have is the security of their vehicles. When in storage, ideally, the facility will offer 24-hour protection. This could be in the form of CCTV, manned patrols, and similar. If you can, full-time manned security will be something to look out for as a preferred method
  • Regular checks – it’s all well and good offering a secure facility to store your classic car but unless your storage provider is going to regularly check on your vehicle while it’s in their care, there’s still a real chance that you will get your vehicle back in a non-running state. Regular temperature, levels and pressures, as well as electrical and mechanical component checks, are the gold standard
  • Environment control – classic cars need lots of love and attention. Stable temperatures and humidity levels are needed, as are optimum air circulation and ventilation. Without this, your classic car could have to face less-than-ideal conditions while in storage.

Bridge Classic Cars Vehicle Storage Solutions

At Bridge Classic Cars, we are passionate about all things classic cars. That’s why we have a safe and secure vehicle storage facility.

Not only is The Hangar monitored by 24-hour security, but we also use Carcoons to make sure your beloved car is stored in the best possible environment. If that isn’t enough, the location of our storage facility is kept secret to avoid it getting too much attention.

As experts in classic car restoration, we have a team of highly skilled classic car technicians who will perform regular checks on cars in our care. We can even collect your car, store it, and deliver it back to you, ready to drive, whenever you choose.

More information about Bridge Classic Cars vehicle storage can be found here. Or you can contact us directly at 01473 742038 or by email at info@bridgeclassiccars.co.uk

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Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show 2022

The morning began with a haze. The rain from the night had settled into a fine mist as the team arrived at The Hangar. As the early morning sun rose higher, and the cars made their way out of the ex-aircraft hangar the stillness was broken by the sound of friends.

Friends driving everything from the latest supercars to the most humble of pre-war saloons and everything imaginable in between.

The crowds grew larger as the blanket of rain eased off and row upon row was filled with eclectic machines. This was the starting point for the 2022 Bridge Classic Cars Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show.

Our friends, which came out in their masses, walked around and checked out not just our own cars but others. Familiar faces greeted new arrivals bringing them into the community which sits at the core of all petrolheads. The clock got closer to 10 AM, the point at which all of us would leave the airforce base start point on a 13-mile tour of the surrounding areas towards the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at Pettistree where the rest of the team excitedly awaited their arrival.

As the line of cars stretched as far as the eyes could see in either direction, the Pettistree team organised everyone into their spaces.

Dozens of neat rows stretched either side of the main entrance, and as far back as possible. The mixture of cars coming through the front gates was a wonderful sight, people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate the simple cause of everything automotive.

As our friends milled and ambled their way through the countless dozens of cars – The energy ramped up towards our workshop where the party was happening. The team had organised the amazing Powters to handle the food and coffee while the incredible Three Chordettes supplied the soundtrack to everyone’s morning.

The weather came in dribs and drabs but it didn’t change the atmosphere. The constant wave of people going through our workshops to talk to our restoration teams about things we’re doing or questions they had settled into a rhythm. The streams of people looking around our competitions building at our latest competitions created a buzz and extra excitement in the air.

Throughout the day, more cars came and went with the top fields and the concrete pads always filled with the sound of engines and the smell of slightly overrich carburettors.

Our shows are always a highlight of our year. In recent years, due to world events, we have missed being able to have all of our friends in one place. Since coming back last year, the Classic & Sports Car & Bike Show has grown from strength to strength with this year being the biggest attendance of all the years we’ve been doing it.

The whole team at Bridge Classic Cars would like to thank each and every person who came out to display, support or enjoy. We can’t wait to see you all next year!

Take a look at the full Official Gallery below:

2022 Official Gallery

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New on MyClassics.co.uk – 1967 Volkswagen Beetle

Perhaps one of the most recognisable cars out there, the Volkswagen Beetle is something of an icon selling more than 20 million units over its 80-year run.

Recently listed on MyClassics.co.uk is a 1967 VW Beetle in rubinrot red.

The current owner has had this classic car stored in their garage for the last couple of years but says it still runs, although it could benefit from some cosmetic work.

More information about the car can be seen here.

Primed And Ready

After undergoing recent work to resolve rust issues, our 1999 Rover BRM has had its primer applied and is now ready for its top coat of colour.

The car spent some time in our paint shop with classic car technician Chris as he prepared it for its primer before applying it too. As you can see from the photos below, lots of care and attention is given to this type of task to ensure high-quality paint work once work on the car has been finished.

Progressing Nicely

As our 1978 MGB GT continues to move through the restoration process, things are progressing well and more tasks have been ticked off the checklist.

Classic car technician Rob has painted and fitted the number plate backing panels, fitted the door trim and handles on the right-hand side of the vehicle, as well as making new backing panels for the C pillar trim.

Rob has been extra busy as he also assembled and fitted the rear anti-roll bar and fitted the rear roof trim too.