October 4, 2022

New on MyClassics.co.uk – 1973 Triumph Stag

If you’ve ever thought about owning a 1973 Triumph Stag, then now is the time to head over to MyClassics.co.uk as one has recently been listed for sale.

The car has been with its current owner since 2010 and is a past concours winner. Photos and details of the restoration work that has been undertaken by former owners are available, so this certainly sounds like a well-cared-for classic car.

The current owner feels that the Stag is not used enough so, hopefully, a new owner can be found who will be able to enjoy many miles in this beautiful car and get it back out onto the road where it belongs.

You Can Win Our 1990 Porsche 944 Turbo – Entry Is Open!

Back in April, our 1990 Porsche 944 Turbo was won by Lee Brown.

As much as he enjoyed owning the car, he decided something a bit more practical would be better suited to him and his family. Luckily for you, we loved the car so much that we now have it back with us.

It has gone through a thorough inspection and assessment with our workshop team and they have given it a clean bill of health.

That’s why it is now available for you to win one more time. It is extremely rare that a car becomes available to win for a second time so, if you didn’t win in April, you’ve got one more chance to win it now.

If you want to be the new owner of our 1990 Porsche 944 Turbo, head over to Bridge Classic Car Competitions where you can find all the information you need.

A Brief History Of The Jensen 541

The Jensen 541 was a car produced by Jensen Motors. Each one of these cars has an individual story to tell, but the story of the Jensen 541, in general, is one that many car enthusiasts should be keen to hear.

If you want to know more about these truly iconic classic cars, then this brief history of the Jensen 541 can give you a good idea of how special (and rare) these cars really are.

October 1953 – The Launch Of The Jensen 541

At the Earls Court Motor Show of 1953, the Jensen 541 was shown to the public for the very first time. It would be another eight months before production properly started but, this was the date when the world was officially introduced to the 541.

Up until the 541, Jensen had mostly been using aluminium for the bodywork of their Interceptors (there were restrictions on the use of steel still in place as the world recovered from the second world war). When it came to making the boot lids of the Interceptors though, Jensen played around with a new material of the time – fibreglass.

When working on the idea for the 541, Jensen wanted to do something big, so they decided to make a lot more of the car from this new wonder material.

June 1954 – Production Begins

In June of 1954, production of the Jensen 541 began. At the time, you could buy your very own 541 for £2146.

October 1956 – Say Hello To The 541 Deluxe

A little over 2 years after production of the 541 began, the 541 Deluxe was introduced. As this was a more luxurious car that featured all disc brakes, the price of the car increased to £2626.

Only 53 Jensen 541 Deluxes were made in total.

October 1957 – Here Comes The Jensen 541R

A year later, the 541R was introduced. When first released, these were fitted with Austin Princess (DS7) twin-carb engines, and an overdrive gearbox. The price tag for a 541R, at the time, was £2866.

January 1958 – No More Original Jensen 541

At the beginning of 1958, the very last Jensen 541 was made.

October 1960 – From R To S

Two years later, the Jensen 541R was pulled from production too. At this point, less than 200 541Rs had been made. Jensen had now moved on to the Jensen 541S which had a larger interior, and automatic transmission as standard. Due to these upgrades, the 541S cost £3195.

January 1963 – The End Of The Road

At the beginning of 1963, production of the Jensen 541S ended. Less than 150 had been made before being replaced by the Jensen CV-8 which had been introduced the previous year (1962).

Bridge Classic Cars And The Jensen 541

Jensens have had a strong presence in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for a long time. Our team of classic car technicians have restored multiple 541s and some of our current projects include a few more too.

Considering only a few hundred of these classic cars were made, we love seeing them in the workshop. We love working on them, and we love getting them back on the road for everyone to enjoy.

Just Arrived – 1972 Rover 4500S

Our new 1972 Rover 4500S has arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

From the photos we had seen, and from talking to the previous owner, we knew that it would be a beautiful car to look at. We were surprised at just how good it actually looks face-to-face though.

The new addition will be inspected and assessed by our team of classic car technicians. For now, it looks like it might have found a place in our own personal collection, but, whatever happens, the future is looking bright for this beautiful classic car.