September 14, 2022

Brakes locking on Mini 850

On testing Dave noticed that the brakes on our 1968 Mini 850 were locking. Upon closer inspection we can see that the offside was made up of a different compound so we have replaced all brake shoes to give an even consistency and compound.

SOLD through 1950 Land Rover Series 1

Another lovely classic car has been sold through our new classic car sales platform, . MyClassics is a completely free sales platform designed for the classic car enthusiast by classic car enthusiasts.

It’s easy to see why this classic Land Rover sold so quickly. The chassis is in amazing condition and the vehicle has a warm, charming patina fitting for that of the original go-anywhere, do-anything workhorse.

If you are in the market to either buy or sell a classic car, be sure to head to .

Could this be The World’s Greatest Toyota Hilux Collection

As I am sure many of you know, Bridge Classic Cars are based in the beautiful county of Suffolk. A county filled with natural beauty situated on the east coast of England, bordered by 50 miles of glorious coastline.

Our main workshops and competition studios can be found in the town of Woodbridge, Suffolk where we often host many a classic car event for everyone to come and enjoy.

Just 10 minutes up the road is the Bridge Classic Cars Hangar, situated within a former RAF station and home to a beautiful collection of vintage and classic vehicles.

But did you know….

Tucked away in the heart of Suffolk is what Toyota themselves describe as the largest and best privately owned collection of the the world’s most trusted and reliable commercial vehicles, the Toyota Hilux.

In recent years, the Toyota Hilux celebrated its 50th anniversary which proves just how respected and successful this vehicle has been for the brand.

Bridge Classic Cars have been fortune to have experienced the amazing collection first hand and as these images show, what a wonderful collection it is.

You can read the full story of when Toyota People met Guy to view his Hilux collection here…

Cleaning and preparing parts for Jensen

Some of the peripheral parts belonging to our 1959 Jensen 541R are currently being cleaned up and prepared for refit. Once they are ready to go back on the car they will get packaged and stored away and await refit.

Rob continues work on MG B GT

Lots of progress has been made on our 1978 MG B GT (Blaze).

As you can see, the rear brakes have now been stripped, serviced and refitted. The handbrake lever and gear lever have both been overhauled and refitted. The prop-shaft has been sandblasted, the U/J’s have been replaced and painted and the cooling fan has been overhauled and refitted.

Work continues on the metal fabrication

The metal fabrication work continues on the body of our Daimler DS420. Old, corroded metal is being cut out and replaced by brand new panels that have been meticulously produced by our skilled technicians Christian and Monty.

It is vital that no corrosion is left untouched in a restoration project as any areas that have not been addressed, rust will continue to grow and will eventually get hold of the new metalwork.

Monty and Christian are hoping that they are now on the final straight in the time consuming task of the treating the rust areas. Once this part of the project is done the car will be handed over to the paint team for paint preparation.

Jensen 541R – fibreglass door card backing

We very much encourage new technologies and forward thinking here at Bridge Classic Cars. Research and development is a huge part of what we do here. Just because a classic car was built using a classic skillset and classic approach that’s not to say that when rebuilding our beautiful cars we must always adhere to the traditional methods.

There is always a time and a place for emerging the two worlds and why shouldn’t the modern and classic processes join forces.

Our 1958 Jensen 541R arrived to us with many many parts ready to be assembled. The owner had commissioned interior panelling to be produced using fibreglass to help further reduce the risk of moisture or water to get in to the hard to reach places. The panelling has been fitted underneath the original style of door cards so that they will be seen when the car is completed.

Re-making the front base cushion covers of our Jensen

Using a combination of existing material and brand new designs Lydia has managed to re-produce the templates for the front seat covers for our 1958 Jensen 541R.

With these templates a new seat of covers can be made and the base cushions can be fitted.

Engine and front end fit on Morris Minor

Scott is making great progress with our 1969 Morris Minor rebuild. Various components are now back on the engine and the fit up of the front end continues.