August 31, 2022

Back and Better – Refurbished Steering Rack for the 2005 Aston Martin DB9

The steering rack from Craig’s 2005 Aston Martin DB9 has arrived back at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop after being refurbished by the amazing team at Re-Go Autoparts.

Re-Go (especially Gary) has been a massive help in the work we have done on the left-hand drive and power steering conversion of our 1970 Bristol 411. So, when Craig’s DB9 developed a power steering issue and leak the team gave them a call. After taking the rack out and sending it down to the Re-Go team, they stripped down the whole unit to find out what the issue was.

Upon inspection, the Re-Go team found a weakness in the material that makes up several seals inside of the power steering rack so when more pressure (more turning lock) was applied, part of the seal would fail and leak. So, they have replaced the seals with a new style and material and then checked/tested the rack before sending it back to the team here to get refitted to the DB9.

Like New – Painting the Rear Axle of the 1905 Riley 9HP

The paint shop at Bridge Classic Cars have prepared and painted the rear axle assembly for our 1905 Riley 9HP restoration project.

Since returning from the blasters, the paint team have been getting all of the bare pieces into the spray booth to be finished in gloss black, the same as the rest of the frame. This will be left to cure properly before being reunited with the rest of the prewar tourer.

Handmade – New Coolant Pipes for the 1905 Riley 9HP

The restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working hard on recreating the coolant system on the 1905 Riley 9HP.

Our technician Dave has been busy carefully making up new coolant pipework for the 117-year-old tourer. These are being made from brass and copper, as it would have been originally. For this, Dave removed the water pump from the engine block after taking countless measurements in order to create a jig that meant Dave could more accurately solder the entire piece without worrying about it moving.

After this, everything could be test fit back onto the car. Dave remade the now long-gone gaskets by hand before the pipework was tested and then painted in the glossy black.

Piecing Together – Finishing the Wiring and Dashboard of the 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica

The workshop team have been carrying on with the work on our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica.

They have been carefully running each part of the custom wiring harness for the car and making sure all of its routing is precise and orderly throughout the car and under the dashboard and around the steering column.

At the same time, the team have been putting together the dashboard and instrument cluster to go into the car and be completely wired up.

Royal Spec – The Worlds Most Expensive Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1

This past weekend at the amazing Silverstone Auctions so a world record broken… The highest price paid for a Ford Escort RS turbo ever and not by a small amount either.

Granted, its former owner was Princess Diana, but also because this 1985 Series 1 RS Turbo is the only Black factory-painted example in existence. The car has been beautifully kept throughout its life with just under 25,000 miles.

The final cost as the hammer fell? £650,000….

Progress – Wiring and New Latches on the 1971 Bristol 411

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop team have been continuing to work on the wiring of the 1971 Bristol 411 along with some other jobs on the classic GT car.

The team have been asked to replace the wiring harness through the entire car. John has been going through each of the systems to make sure everything is working correctly and then installing the new harness while carrying out any necessary repairs.

The team have also adjusted and installed some new latches and hinges throughout the car.

Finalists – Bridge Classic Cars Named as Finalists for Medium Business of the Year

Bridge Classic Cars have been named as a finalist for Medium Business Of The Year by the Suffolk Business Awards!

We just want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you who has supported and followed what we have done for the past 18 years and it’s because of this that we have made it to this point. It’s incredible being named as a finalist and we are so grateful to all of you who have been along the journey to here with us and can’t wait to go forward into the exciting future with all of you.

Again, from all of the team here at Bridge Classic Cars – Thank you for all of your support!

Rebuilt – Carburettor for the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Rebuilt

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on completely overhauling the seized carburettor on the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane.

Our technician Jon completely disassembled the unit to begin cleaning and adjusting each individual part to make sure it had full operation. The unit can now be reinstalled on the car to begin testing and to flush through the new gearbox oil.

Capped – Repairing the Arches and Sills on the 1986 Daimler DS420

The fabrication shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been busy carrying out further metal repairs to the sides of the classic Daimler limousine.

The team are working their way through repairing the inner and outer wheel arches along with extensive repairs to the sills of the car. These have been cut back the area to expose any corrosion which ad begun to run deep into the underside of the car. All of the area was then treated to neutralise any rust issues before the team began to make the various patch pieces needed to rebuild the structure into the car.

Both wheel arches have also been cut out and repaired as part of the work.

Front End – Front Suspension and Valance on the 1978 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars are deep into the reassembly of the newly repainted bodyshell of the 1978 MG B GT, beginning with the front end.

Our technician Rob has been working on getting the front suspension put together and in place on the newly installed cross-member. The spindles and control arms are in place to check tolerances and operations before they will be tightened down to spec and secured.

Also, Rob has fitted up the colour-matched front valance to the car and aligned it perfectly with the rest of the Blaze Orange bodywork.