August 30, 2022

Inspection – Checking the Blasted Subframe from the 1959 Jensen 541R ‘Hepburn’

As part of the restoration of the 1959 Jensen 541R ‘Hepburn’, several key pieces along with the body and chassis have been blasted by a local specialist.

Our workshop team can now more thoroughly inspect each of the pieces which make up the front subframe. Inspecting the welds and bends but also assessing all the mounting points and brackets.

The subframe will be stripped down further and then any repairs needed carried out.

Bit by Bit – Draining the Gearbox and Stripping the Carburettor on the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

As part of its recommission, the Bridge Classic Cars have the 1953 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane has been up on the ramps for our workshop team to get to work on.

To start with, the team have drained the gearbox on the car. Whilst it was draining, Jon noticed several chunks coming out of the drain. After checking, the gearbox had a layer of sludge along the bottom of the plan which has to be pulled out and the whole unit flushed through several times to try and get it to clean out.

This involves filling up the gearbox to its correct level, running it up to temperature and then draining again. Before this, Jon inspected and checked the fuel tank of the car to make sure it wouldn’t pull any debris into the carburettor if it did start. All was ok but Jon did find the fuel had gone slightly stale. So, the team have pumped the old fuel out of the tank ready to be refilled.

Then it was time to keep moving forward to the engine bay to check everything over. For this, Jon began to inspect the carburettor of the classic Armstrong Siddeley. Upon inspection, Jon found several parts had seized which meant it was removed from the car to be completely stripped down and inspected by the team. Then, it can be installed back on the car and the gearbox run up along with the engine.

This Just In – 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The Bridge Classic Cars team have welcomed this wonderful 1969 Morris Minor Convertible to our Suffolk HQ for the team to have a look at.

The owner has reported a slight running issue as well as an exhaust problem which our workshop will be looking into and sorting out. Along with that, it will be inspected and looked at by our paint and body team for some bits and pieces.

Also while the car is with us, the teams will carry out a full inspection of the car to check everything over.

Coming Together – Body Panels Back on the 1978 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars HQ have begun to refit and adjust the panelwork from the 1978 MG B GT back onto the car.

Our technician Rob has been working his way from the front of the classic sports car to the back beginning with the front wings. The wings were bolted on followed by the doors in order to adjust and align each of them to get the right fitment and panel gaps as part of the rebuild following the paint and body work being finished off.

Then, after the wings and doors had been adjusted Rob could fit the rear hatch and adjust it accordingly.

Trimmed – Trimming the Glovebox of the 1958 Jensen 541R

The original glovebox on the 1958 Jensen 541R has been completely stripped back in order to be retrimmed by the Bridge Classic Cars team.

The original piece was carefully taken apart by the team to assess its condition. After inspecting, the team had to remake the wooden pieces for the glovebox before then retrimming it black vinyl ready to go back on the car when the time comes.

Up Front – Trimming the Front Seats on the 1958 Jensen 541R

The Bridge Classic Cars trim team have been busy stripping down and retrimming the front seats of the 1958 Jensen 541R.

The team have stripped the seats all the way back and removed any old padding or coverings to begin to remake the seats to the customer’s specifications. Each piece has been completely hand-cut and made for the seats to ensure the best possible fit and finish for the car.

These were then put together over the modern foam backings to finish.

Repaired – Fixing the Stitching on the 1970 Bristol 411 Steering Wheel

The trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the steering wheel of the 1970 Bristol 411 which is in our workshops.

The stitching on the backside of the steering wheel had come apart and begun to separate. So, the team have removed the steering wheel in order to pull the material back together and make it look as good as new for its owner.

First Coat – 2005 Suzuki Every in Primer

The 2005 Suzuki Every has been in with the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team to prepare each piece ready for its first round of primer.

The team have been perfecting each line and trim piece for the tiny camper before it was moved into the paint booth for our painter Mauro to lay down the first coats of primer onto the car.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

In a bit of a change to our normal schedule, last week’s live draw was held on Friday. But, it was a special live draw. We were going to find out who the lucky new owner of our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was.

The chances on the Alfa were looking incredible as we went into the live. Just over half the tickets had sold so everyone in the draw had some of the best chances we had seen on one of our competitions, but as with all of our competitions – if we say it’s going to be drawn, then it’s going to be drawn.

At 7, on our Facebook page, we welcomed all of our friends to the live stream. To begin with, Molly and Freddie showed everyone around all of the amazing machines we have in our competition building which will be coming up very soon.

Nick, one of our marketing guys and resident historian, went through the history of University Motors and the fabled ‘specials’ as we have an MG C Roadster which we are currently uncovering its story due to it wearing a University Motors Special badge.

Then at 10 past, with the competition closed. It was time to find out what we had all been waiting for – who the lucky winner of our 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was.

As we reminded everyone, not all of the tickets had sold so we may have to run the draw a couple of times. But on the 2nd sweep of the random number generator, we found the winner.

Adam Brudenell with ticket number 1329.

We tried calling Adam to let him know the good news but we had to leave him a message to let him know the good news. We’re all absolutely thrilled for Adam and can’t wait to get his new classic Alfa Romeo to him.