July 11, 2022

The Next Stage – Priming the 1958 Jensen 541R

The paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on getting the 1958 Jensen 541R into the next stage of its journey with the team at our Suffolk HQ.

Previously, the team finished masking up classic GT car ready for the first stage of primer to be laid down onto the car in preparation for its Ice Blue Metallic paint job.

The team made sure to cover the body evenly and thoroughly to get the best start to the paintwork as possible. And now with the car in primer, the team will sand it back to look for any adjustments that need to be made.

Faulty – Diagnosing a Faulty Rear Window Switch and Dial Circuit on the 1970 Jaguar XJ6

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on diagnosing and fixing a couple of issues with the electrical system of the 1970 Jaguar XJ6.

Firstly, the team carried out a repair on the printed circuit for the instrument dials. Our technician John carefully repaired the circuit before testing the component and found all was working correctly.

Then, he could turn his attention to an issue with the rear heated screen. John traced the fault back to the switch which controls the circuit. The switch was stripped apart, cleaned up and retested. All was ok after the repair.

Changing Places – 1978 MG B GT Back in the Workshop

The 1978 MG B GT has been moved from the paint shop at Bridge Classic Cars to our main restoration workshop for the team to begin reassembly of the classic MG B.

As part of its restoration, the car was stripped back to bare metal and any areas of corrosion fixed before our paint and body teams worked on getting the sportscar into the best possible condition. Then, it went into our in-house paint booth/oven to be refinished in its beautiful Blaze Orange colour you see here.

Come Together – Bolting the Roof and Rear Bodywork to the 1956 Jensen 541

The restoration workshop at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ have bolted the roof and rear bodywork to the new frame of the 1956 Jensen 541 for the first time!

After making the careful and delicate adjustments to the framework and chassis of the classic Jensen, the team could begin the process of mocking up the full rear bodywork onto the car to check for any interference or binding.

Stripped Back – Stripping Down the Bonnet and Windows on the 1959 Jensen 541R

As part of the restoration journey, the 1959 Jensen 541R has had its bonnet and windows stripped back by the Bridge Classic Cars workshop team.

The restoration technicians have got everything back to its core components in order to evaluate their condition and operation. Anything that can be refurbished will be worked on to make the pieces as good if not better than new.

Everything removed from the car has been carefully catalogued and put into storage for later in the restoration process.

Complete Set – Seats for the 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica are Finished

If the hard work and craft of our in-house trim expert Lydia could be been summed up in one single project it would be the seats for the 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica.

These seats were templated and handmade from the original seats we borrowed from a good friend of Bridge Classic Cars. These pieces, finished in striking vibrant red look absolutely sensational just sat on the trim shop bench let alone in the cockpit of this incredible car.

Good As New – Restored Radiator for the 1905 Riley 9HP

Friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Carl, has been down to pick up the restored radiator for our 1905 Riley 9HP from Newquay for the project.

The radiator, which was found during a house clearance, was taken to Newquay Radiators to be restored and reworked so it’s as good if not better than new. This is a massive piece of the restoration journey for 117-year-old Riley and we’re excited to start getting everything back together!

This Just In – 2017 Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer

There’s a new arrival to the Bridge Classic Cars fleet! It’s our director, Craig’s, 2107 Ducati Scrambler 800 Cafe Racer.

This stunning neo-classic will be checked over by the team and a few subtle and personal changes made to the bike. We’re excited to see the upgrades to the bike which Craig has chosen for the bike!

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more on the Ducati Cafe Racer soon!

This Just In – 1971 MG B Roadster

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ is this beautiful dark green 1971 MG B Roadster.

The restoration teams at the Pettistree workshops will go through the car aesthetically and mechanically to put together their report on the MG B.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more on the 1971 MG B Roadster very soon.