July 8, 2022

First Stage – 1969 Morris Minor Convertible in Primer

The body team at Bridge Classic Cars have taken the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible from the preparation area to the spray booth to have its first coats of primer as part of its restoration journey with Bridge Classic Cars.

After cleaning off any dust or debris from the car, the team pushed the classic Morris into the booth in order to get the entire car masked off before laying down the first stage – epoxy.

The epoxy primer was then followed by several coats of polyester primer which will be reworked and sanded back by the team to get the Morris Minor Convertible looking the absolute best it can.

Coming Soon – 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, 1971 MG B Roadster & 1992 Rover Mini

One of three cars soon to be arriving at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ is this 1981 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The classic Alfa Romeo will be coming in to be fully inspected and assessed by the restoration teams.

The second car to come into our Suffolk HQ for the Bridge Classic Cars team to inspect is this beautiful dark green 1971 MG B Roadster.

And finally, this 1992 Rover Mini will be coming down to join the other classics here at our Suffolk HQ for our Bridge Classic Cars restoration teams to give the whole car a complete and through inspection before compiling their report on any work that needs doing.

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1957 MG A Roadster & 1997 Rover Mini

Last night the live draw of the 1957 MG A Roadster and the 1997 Rover Mini from Bridge Classic Cars.

The Mini was so popular it had sold out by Wednesday morning!

Going into the live draw though, there were still quite a few tickets remaining on the classic MGA. But, as the live stream began at 7pm on our Facebook page people were still getting their last-minute tickets before the competition closed at 7:10.

As always, the team gave all of our viewers a look around the other classic cars in our new competition building. Including some very special upcoming competitions… make sure to sign up to our mailing list to get the inside scoop on what’s coming!

But, it was time to find out who our very lucky winners were!

As always the entry lists are published beforehand on the website. The Mini list had been up for several days, so as we waited for the MGA list to go live, the team ran the draw for the 1997 Rover Mini.

We use a google random number generator to pick a winner. Hayley at the controls of the laptop, made sure that everything was working just as it should do with a few tests and the commenters gave the team that the stream was coming through nice and clear. So, the team set the numbers between 1 and 3999.

And just like that, the winner had been decided. 2228 – A ticket which had been allocated to David Renn.

As the fate of the Mini was being decided, the entry list for the MG A went live.

Next, we had to find out who had won our amazing 1950s sports car. Not all of the 6666 tickets had sold when the competition closed, so as the team again used the random number generator to find a winner – it took a couple of tries to land on a number which had been allocated to one lucky person.

That happened to be Stephen Walton with ticket number 6294.

We want to wish both winners congratulations on their new dream classics.

Handmade Touches – Making a Toolbag for Our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica

Lydia in the in-house trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars has hand-made this beautiful tool bag for our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica.

Checking the dimensions of the specialist tools and pieces that may be needed on the car when it is out on the road, Lydia created this one-off tool bag to go along with the car on its adventures.

A beautiful thing to have but hopefully, we may never have to use it!