June 29, 2022

Nostalgia – Found in the History File of our 1934 Riley 9 Lynx

More often than not, in the history files of our cars here at Bridge Classic Cars we’ll find some little gems that help to build and understand the story of a particular car.

This time, we found a few loose photos and a drawing from inside the history file of our 1934 Riley 9 Lynx. The car was exported from the UK to South Africa before many years later making its way back home to us. Well, thanks to the photos we now know that was the 10th of March 1973 in Southampton. The car was literally driven to the docks and loaded up, bound for its new life.

A life that we could see in another photo with our friend John behind the wheel. John was the previous owner of the car before us and loved his pre-war Riley. So much so, that we also found a cartoon of the car dated from 2004 which shows John and some friends huddled around the car with what appears to be an Ostrich in the back seat…

It’s always amazing when we find these little nuggets of nostalgia locked away within the paperwork of the car. These hidden treasures tell as much of the story as the invoices, receipts, notes etc. We love it when we find these types of bits and pieces.

Also, this very car is still up for sale! Head over to MyClassics now and take a look!

Behind the Scenes – Photographing the 1997 Rover Mini

It’s the latest competition car from Bridge Classic Cars! This stunning 1997 Rover Mini is now live and ready to be won.

The classic Mini happily made its way over from our workshop to The Hangar in preparation for filming after being given a clean bill of health during its workshop inspection by the team.

Then, it was time for the team to get to work on capturing this amazing Metallic Maroon driver-focused classic Mini for you to enter. The 1275cc 4-cylinder engine was the perfect soundtrack through the twin exhausts, paired with the clubman buckets, harnesses and the half-cage. This Mini takes advantage of the wider body arches with wider wheels finished in anthracite grey, giving you the confidence to keep pushing and reach its full potential.

The pint-sized bruiser couldn’t help but make each of us smile either driving it or seeing it. It was poised and purposeful, ready to take on anything a good B-Road could throw at it.

And now, it could be yours. This 1997 Rover Mini is now live and waiting to be won by one very lucky winner. Click here to enter now and get your tickets for this incredible classic Mini.

Out & About – 1966 Jaguar MkII 3.8 at Simply Jaguar, Beaulieu

The winner of our 1966 Jaguar MkII 3.8 has sent in some photos of the car at its first outing at historic Beaulieu.

The car took part in the show Simply Jaguar where it was joined by nearly every generation and modern of Jaguar possible. From early SS cars to the newest F-Type, everything was on display along with the normal exhibitions at the National Motor Museum.

We love to see our competition cars out there in the world!

Coming Soon – 1981 Triumph TR7 V8

Coming soon to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this 1981 Triumph TR8.

The classic Triumph will be coming in to be assessed and inspected by our workshop team and who will compile a report on the car.

Keep a look out very soon on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the 1981 Triumph TR8.

Inspect & Assess – Inspecting the Chassis for the 1960 Jensen 541R ‘Lilac’

The Bridge Classic Cars team are currently in the process of stripping back and inspecting the chassis for our 1960 Jensen 541R, Lilac.

The team have been looking into the depth of any corrosion and also to the extent of previous repairs to the chassis which will need to be rectified and corrected by the team to bring this frame back to better than new.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page soon for more updates on the 1960 Jensen 541R.

Like New – Making the Squab Seats for the 1954 Bristol 405

The 1954 Bristol 405, in for restoration at Bridge Classic Cars, has had the trim team finish off the first off 2 squab seats for the car.

Lydia, one of our trimmers, has made the whole seat by hand using the original as a template to work from. Each individual piece has been made by hand specifically for the car and the results look absolutely incredible.

In the Cracks – Fibreglass Repairs on the 1958 Jensen 541R

After being stripped down and inspected, the body of the 1958 Jensen 541R has been checked over and had the start of its fibreglass repairs in the Bridge Classic Cars bodyshop.

The team have gone over the entire body to inspect any visible cracks or defects in the body before sanding back certain known and suspect areas to find any piece of the composite body which will require attention. In some areas, simply a small build-up material is needed to strengthen or flatten out a particular place.

Once the matting was laid down onto the panels and then resined, it is left to cure and harden before being sanded down.

Progress – Continuing on the Build Up of Our 2022 Bridge C-Type Replica

There’s been some amazing progress done on our C-Type Replica! Our in-house fabrication shop at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on making, refining and installing the various pieces of aluminium panelwork which work around the various pieces of the spaceframe.

The Bridge C-Type Replica is a personal project for the team here at Bridge Classic Cars and we’re excited to see it moving forward. Each of the aluminium panels has been worked on by the team in the fabrication shop who have bead rolled, worked through and edged to get each piece to beautifully fit into the car.

And, another amazing part of the project has returned to our workshop. The wire centre-lock wheels have come back from being refinished! They’ve been refinished in a stunning vibrant red to be the accent piece of the project.

In & Out – Fitting the Sound Deadening and Cabin Vents to the 1970 Bristol 411

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the interior of the 1970 Bristol 411 which is in for its left-hand drive conversion.

The team have fit new original-style sound deadening into the floors and tunnel of the classic Bristol as part of the restoration side of the project. Also while fitting the sound deadening to the car, the team refurbished and refit the cabin vents which sit in the footwell kick panels.

Check & Sort – Work Begins on the 1958 Jensen 541R in the Bodyshop

The 1958 Jensen 541R which arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ recently from Holland has begun its first steps into colour with our in-house body team.

The team have been assessing and inspecting the body of the classic Jensen for any damage to the fibreglass or to any fittings/trim work. Once this was done, the body shop could begin to remove the parts off of the body individually before cataloguing and putting them safely into storage to await its reassembly by the team later in the process.

Back to Standard – Refitting an Original Steering Wheel to the 1981 Porsche 911SC

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have completed the next job on the classic 1981 Porsche 911 SC.

One of the owners’ requests was to remove the aftermarket Momo Indy steering wheel and fit an original style wheel. For this, the team removed the aftermarket wheel from the boss in order to then remove the ground rings and swap them onto the original wheel for the horn.

With this swapped over, the original wheel was slipped down the steering shaft and correctly torqued to spec before the covers were put back on.

At the Core – Servicing the 1987 Daimler Double Six

As part of its restoration and first fire-up since work began, the team at Bridge Classic Cars have serviced the V12 which sits at the heart of the 1987 Daimler Double Six.

With this generation of Jaguar-based V12, it is not always the easiest to change the spark plugs. So, the team have been carefully disconnecting and moving the various hoses and lines out of the way to get to the spark plugs and remove the distributor cap.

After that, everything could be changed over to new pieces and then put back together with the hoses laid back over and routed in their correct place.

Fine Adjustments – Bracing the 1956 Jensen 541 Chassis

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the fine adjustments to the chassis of the 1956 Jensen 541 in for restoration.

The team are beginning to weld in the necessary braces and panels as the sides and roof structure begin to be put onto the brand-new frame. For a job such as this, the team are having to make sure that each dimension and axis of the chassis is square when it is welded in. Carefully, the team have moved around the frame to allow for this and gently push and pull certain places in order to bring them into line before welding them in permanently to tie the whole piece together.

Tucked Away – 1973 Triumph TR6 at Home in its Garage

The 1973 Triumph TR6 which was built by Bridge Classic Cars for our friend Stephen has been moved into its own secure garage at home in France.

Stephen recently took delivery of both the 1973 Triumph TR6 and the 1973 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster, Fern Grey. Both of these cars now live in France with their owner in their own separate garages!

Repaired – Reworking the Seat Base on the 1955 Triumph TR2

The seat base of the 1955 Triumph TR2 has been taken out of the classic sports car and taken upstairs to the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop to be worked on.

Brian, one of our trimmers, has had the seat base on the bench to begin its repairs.

The first step was to unpicking the stitching on the seat base to remove it from the metal sprung base. Then, the cover could be transferred onto a new piece of calico to create a backing for the repairs to bind to. Along with this, the team recorded the piping to give it back its original shape for the beautiful dark red leather. Whilst the cover was off the metal base, Brian could repair some of the springs which over time had become frail and broken.

Next, the trim team carefully trimmed out the base pieces from the calico before glueing them down and then refit them together with a new foam centre. Finally, the team could stretch the repaired cover over the base and fixed in place with brand-new hog clips before being installed back into the car.