June 16, 2022

Test Fit – Testing the Fit of the Rear Axle on the 1905 Riley 9HP

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have begun the process of test fitting and aligning the original rear axle into the chassis of the 1905 Riley 9HP.

Dave, one of our technicians, has been trying to get the shackles around the axle in order to test fit the mounts to the trailing arms. The shackle bolts which came with the car are believed by dave to be replacement pieces as they are of a different style and size to the single original which came with the hoards of spare parts.

But, the team have managed to get everything into place to test the operation of the chain driven rear differential.

In Storage – 2016 Ford Mustang GT

The Hangar saw a new addition this week with this 2016 Ford Mustang GT at the Bridge Classic Cars storage facility.

The car will be stored by us for its owner over the summer months.

If you have a classic or collectable car in need of storage, get in touch with us!

Coming Together – Wheel Wells and Front Arches of the 1956 Jensen 541

The paint and body shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been continuing with the fibreglass work on the 1956 Jensen 541 in at our Suffolk workshop for restoration.

Previously, the team remade the aluminium wheel wells which were then refinished in hardwearing black before being put into storage. Now, they can be pulled out and the team begin the process of making them into one complete unit.

The aluminium wheel wells have been bonded onto the fibreglass inner wings of the classic 541 before then have layers of fibreglass resined over the edge in order to create a uniform piece. From there, the team began work on the fibreglass filler used to perfect and refine the shapes which make up the pieces.

Refinements – Refining the Tonneau Cover on the 1932 Lagonda 3 Litre Tourer

Ahead of its final version, the trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked on refining the shape and form of the tonneau cover on the 1932 Lagonda Tourer.

The team made a draft of the cover out of paper, which was then transferred onto vinyl which was used to check for stretch and overall fitment. Once the team and the client was happy with the overall shape and quality, it could then be refined further to perfectly tailor the cover to the car.

Lydia, one of our trimmers, has worked on making sure the stitches and seems all fall and meet in the right place for the best result. Also, checking to make sure that the opening to the clips that hold the cover down are in the right place and not overly sized in order for the cover to remain tight once on the car.

After this, it was transferred onto the black mohair which will make up the final version of this bespoke piece for the car.

Resting Place – Remaking the 1954 Bristol 405 Armrest

Our in-house trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked meticulously on remaking the armrest of the 1954 Bristol 405 which is in for restoration.

The team completely stripped the old piece down to its base parts in order to assess and refurbish any pieces that require attention. The original wooden bases were cleaned up and reused while the foams were completely remade from scratch and shaped to fit.

Gone Through – Inspection of the 1972 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop have been working on inspecting the 1972 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster along with carrying out some small repairs on the classic Jaguar.

The team have checked through the underside and all major components of the classic sports GT and found some areas which will require attention in the future. There are some areas of corrosion starting to form on the underside of the car, several of those have been cleaned up and sealed by the team, as well as some pipework which is out of shape.

One of the jobs the team have done is to replace a split radiator hose which works to cool the V12. This had a quite severe split in the front section so the team removed it from the car and fitted a replacement piece before refill and checking the levels.

Run Through – Road Testing the 1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

The restoration workshop have been tasked to look into a few items for the owner of the stunning 1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster. To look into some of those issues, the classic Jaguar roadster has been carefully road tested by the team.

Firstly, our restoration technician Jon has been testing the car to try and locate the mentioned unusual engine noise from the straight-six. The team will test the car in varying conditions (driven, idle, visual inspection) in order to look into any possibilities for the noise.

With the XK120 Roadster back into our workshop, tucked away in the Suffolk countryside, it will be moved onto one of our ramps to begin visual inspections of the car and some other items noted by its owner.

Out & About – Mercedes 280 W111 Convertible Spotted Locally

The Bridge Classic Cars team spot classics in our everyday lives away from the workshops and this morning, we spotted this beautiful Mercedes 280SE W111 Convertible locally.

The classic Mercedes was parked down the road from our main workshops in Pettistree so when we saw the car sat there we had to grab a few pictures of it.

Best Ride – Replacing the Front Shock Absorbers on the 1975 MG B GT V8

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars have replaced the front shock absorbers on the 1975 MG B GT V8 in with us.

Upon inspection, our technicians noted there were a few leaks coming from the components so replacements were ordered. Once they arrived in stock, Jon began to remove the old components from the front suspension to cross-check them against the new pieces.

With everything checked, the new shock absorbers could be put into place and tightened down. Before the car was road tested and given the all-clear by the workshop.

In Place – Fitting the Sunroof and Working on the Headliner of the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working alongside the workshop team on the roof of the 1987 Daimler Double Six.

The workshop technicians fitted the sunroof and its mechanism into place on the classic Daimler as part of its reassembly following its time with the paint and body team. Once in place, the trim team could begin to work the headliner into position around the opening.

Brian, one of our trimmers, carefully cut into the new headlining to be able to fix the headliner into position around the channels and to the roof itself.

From Scratch – New Wooden Rear Window Beams for the 1956 Jensen 541

The interior trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have worked on crafting new wooden support beams for the 1956 Jensen 541 in for restoration.

Brian, one of our trimmers, made templates of the original pieces to begin work on carefully cutting and angling the new pieces of pine into the factory position. Each of these pieces were first rough cut before being refined to ensure the perfect fit as these pieces not only add a bit of support to the rear window opening but will also allow the trim team a place to attach the headliner once the interior of the car begins to go in.

Each of the two pieces which made up the beam are cut by hand and then offered up as no two are perfectly uniformed due to the handmade nature of the cars originally.