May 16, 2022

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 1980 Austin Mini Van

There is something about a classic Mini which cannot help but put a smile across your face and that’s before you’ve even driven it. Just seeing one is a sure-fire way to brighten up your day. So, that’s why the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team have sourced this. A 1980 Austin Morris Mini Van.

Beneath its humble and unassuming green paintwork though, lies a true athlete. Being a workhorse, the Mini Van was originally fitted with 998cc 4-cylinder engine. It’s previous owner however has fitted the pint-sized prowler with a 1380cc supercharged engine with a sports exhaust system so the whole world can hear about it. The team were very excited to shoot this particular car!

As the team pulled the classic Mini out of our secure storage facility, The Hangar, it happily sat idling in the late-spring sun. After it’s check-over by the restoration workshops at our Suffolk HQ, and given the full green-light, the team could take it out onto the airfield to shoot what needed to be done. The Mini pulled away perfectly, it wasn’t savage or had a throttle like a hair-trigger. It was actually rather civilised. With the sliding front windows open and the engine happily buzzing along this is the type of classic you could quite happily use for longer journeys or even on your commute to work when the weather is nice.

The reversed Cooper S wheels allow for more rubber to be placed under the Mini, which has had recent suspension and steering work done to it by the previous owner, and you can really tell there’s more contact with the tarmac that rushes under your feet. The short, sharp steering gives you all the feedback you need and when you need the brakes, they are right there when you want them.

The interior, is sparse and utilitarian. The single Cooper S style instrument panel is the only form of distraction in an otherwise purposeful setting. A perfect place to be when you experience the pull and whine of the Vmaxscart Supercharger fitted to the car…

But now, Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants you to experience this. The 1980 Austin Morris Mini Van could very well be yours! One lucky winner will soon be taking delivery of the classic Mini just in time for summer. And it could be you… All you have to do is head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now for your chance to win the 1980 Austin Morris Mini Van.

All Present and Correct – Fixing the Front Spot Lights and Heater Valve on the 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on sorting out a few electrical issues with the 1980 Porsche 924 Turbo.

The team first began with wiring in the front spot lights. This involved an in-depth pin grip and continuity testing through both the dash and bay harness to find why the front spot lights weren’t working correctly. After some wiring repairs and securing the necessary wiring from the lights to the switch, all worked perfectly and allowed the team to move onto the larger job at hand.

One of the concerns for the car was the heater valve and its controls working incorrectly. For this, our technician Jon removed the entire heater valve from the car in order to inspect it for any faults and its operation. The valve itself worked but on the interior panel, the controller for the heater had fallen into the dash itself from behind. Once this had been carefully pulled through from the dash, the team discovered it had seized and was in need of repair.

After this had been carried out, the team retested and got the heater system working just as it should.

Out and About – Bridge Classic Cars at Barons Auctions

The Bridge Classic Cars team recently at the pleasure of attending the final Barons Auctions event at Sandown Racecourse before their move.

The team went to look at all the cars on display. A wonderful mix of modern and vintage with something there to suit everyones taste. From beautiful original Mini’s to a brand new Mini Cooper S JCW which was being auctioned for charity. That’s always the wonderful thing about Barons, they cater to all tastes and styles with a fair few Bentley’s and Rolls Royce’s going across the auction block at this particular event.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for our friends at Barons Auctions and we wish them the best of luck with this new move and new way of auctions in the future.

Service and Check – Work on the 1996 Rover 216

The Bridge Classic Cara restoration technicians have been working on the 1996 Rover 216 Convertible in our workshops recently.

The team have carried out a full service on the car as well as a full and thorough inspection. Whilst completing the service, the team have also carried out of some vital maintenance work on the car. This included replacing the cam belt and water pump, along with replacing the cap and rotor.

The jobs remaining is a new catalytic converter along with a new exhaust sensor.

Dazzling – New Brightwork on the 1968 Austin Morris Minor Van

This beautiful 1968 Morris Minor Van has been in the Bridge Classic Cars body shop to have its new brightwork kit fitted to get it looking even better!

The Morris Minor Van’s original chrome had begun to pit and tarnish, so the team sourced a new replacement kit for the front end of the classic Van. Carefully, each of the pieces was removed from the fascia of the Morris in order to remove the front grille from the car.

The front grille pieces were taken to the bench and also cleaned up and certain pieces of panel work straightened to get the car in the best shape possible. Then, each section of brightwork was refitted to the car in a specific order until the front of the classic Morris Minor Van looked near enough brand new.

The finishing touch was the new bright, shiny hubcaps.

Build Up – The 1987 Daimler Double Six in High Build Primer

The paint and body teams at Bridge Classic Cars have been busy preparing the body and panels of the 1987 Daimler Double Six for the final stages of high build primer.

The classic Daimler, which is in with our restoration teams, has been worked on extensively by our paint and body team to get the classic saloon in to perfect condition before the first layers of paint. The body shop have meticulously sanded down, cleaned and prepared each individual part at every stage of its journey into the in-house paint booth.

This step, which is one of the final stages before colour, is the use of high build primer on all panels and in all visible areas or areas which have been worked own by the body and fabrication teams including the inside of the door jams and the all important in arches. With the high build primer now on the car, it will be taken back out of the oven to be inspected and any adjustments made before the next stage begins.