May 6, 2022

Finesse – Final Sanding on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The body shop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the final sanding of the 1987 Daimler Double Six’s Polyester Primer before it goes in for the final stage, high-build.

These final stages of pre-paint are crucial for the final finish of the car in colour. The team use guide coating to find high or low spots which need to be worked on to get every surface in perfect order.

This is a time-consuming but necessary step to achieve the best results for the car.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting the 2007 Jaguar XKR

The Jaguar XKR is the perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. An elegant, sophisticated coupe with the heart of a wild animal hidden underneath its long, flowing aluminium bonnet.

The XKR is special in that the 4.2-litre V8 has been fitted with a supercharger to get more power and more torque directly to the rear wheels. Our 2007 Jaguar XKR, is finished in a beautiful bright silver with a contrasting black leather interior, adding yet another level to its hidden talents.

The team at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions were beyond excited to bring this car up to our filming location and shoot the car ahead of its launch. It had been through our restoration workshop to be checked over and given the green light for the team to drive it for filming.

The weather was perfect for this type of car. Bright sun with a few banks of clouds drifting across the Suffolk countryside while the air filled with a V8 rumble only broken by the characteristic whine of the supercharger. The leather seats, modern controls and easy handling made the XKR a perfect car for any occasion.

For lap after lap, Hayley rumbled her way around the film site with the XKR not so much as even breaking a sweat but underneath, you could tell the big coupe just wanted to stretch its legs but was more than happy to lazily drift around the circuit.

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One-Piece – Repairing the Rear Quarter Panel and Rear Arch on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The fabrication team in the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop have been working their way through the body repairs on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible.

This time, the fabricators have turned their attention to the passenger side rear of the classic Morris. The rear quarter panel was showing some heavy signs of corrosion which ran deep into not just the body but several parts of the substructure which needed to be repaired. Along with that, was a corroded inner arch on the care that had to be addressed in order to keep the rigidity of the wing and tying into the rails that sit beneath.

So, after the corroded areas had been cut out of the car, the team could begin to fabricate and weld in the replacement pieces to add back the strength to the necessary areas of the car.

First Step – Preparing the 1999 Vauxhall Omega for a New Heater Matrix

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have got to work on stripping the dashboard and some of the centre console of the 1999 Vauxhall Omega in order to get access to the old Heater Matrix.

Because of its location, many parts of the dashboard had to be carefully removed and stored to get access. This included disconnecting multiple wiring connections just to remove the steering wheel alone. Because this is on the newer scale of cars we work on, the team made sure to take note of every single connection with photos taken throughout the process.

Also, taking their time to make sure any pressure clips were carefully unclipped out of their sockets to avoid any damage to parts.

Whilst everything was out, the team took the opportunity of the good weather (and the wet hoover) to try out some of the sound deadening and carpet set.

With this all complete, the next step for the team is to install the new heater matrix into the classic Omega.

Ready for Home – Paint Repairs Complete on the 1996 Nissan Patrol

The paint repairs on the 1996 Nissan Patrol that the Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team have carried out on the classic off-roader are complete!

The paint and body team have worked their magic on repairing the damage caused by the roofing tile to the side of the Patrol. After any imperfections were sorted and the panels painted and clear coated, the team gently colour sanded and polished the paint work to get it all looking just right ahead of it going back home to its owner.

Fixing a Leak – Sorting Out the Radiator Leak on the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12

The workshop team have been working on getting to the bottom of the small radiator leak on the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12.

After pressurising the coolant system, the team inspected everywhere in the system for the leak. After looking through each hose and fitting, the team noticed a weep coming from the lower radiator tap. From this, the team ordered up a new replacement.

Once this had arrived, the team got to work refitting the new piece and topping up all fluids before repressuring the system and checking for any leaks. The new tap had done the trick and the system stayed full and under pressure while the team carried on with their inspection which that small leak was the only issue found on the car.

This Just In – 1994 Ford Probe

There’s a new arrival at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ this week. A 1994 Ford Probe.

This classic Ford coupe will be going into the workshop for our restoration teams to inspect, assess and then report back with their findings on the seldom seen Ford. It’s always a fun day when something a bit unusual turns up at the workshop but we’re looking forward to having a deep dive into the car.

Keep an eye out for more on the 1994 Ford Probe here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.