April 22, 2022

Refined – Perfecting the Bodywork on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The Bridge Classic Cars body shop has been working on getting the 1987 Daimler Double Six into the best possible shape ahead of being moved back into the paint booth.

The team have begin body filler work, which as a rule is used as sparingly as possible and the vast majority of the filler put onto the car is sanded away. But, it is necessary to get each panel the right shape and curve flowing into the next piece.

With this, the team will sand away 99% of the filler and then the car will go back into the spray booth to have its next round of primer applied. The next stage of the process to getting this stunning classic Daimler back in the best shape possible.

This Just In – 1968 Morris Minor 1000 Van

Just arrived into the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this beautiful 1968 Morris Minor 1000 Van.

This classic Morris Minor will soon go into the workshops for restoration teams to inspect and assess while also carrying out a series of jobs for the car.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the 1968 Morris Minor 100 Van very soon.

Progress – Making the Parcel Shelf and Fixing Down the Carpets in the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on making progress on the interior of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona.

Brain, one of our trimmer has handmade the brand new parcel shelf for the classic Ferrari replica to get the best fit possible into the car.

After that, he has begun the process of systematically fixing the carpets down into place. Because these pieces have been made specifically for the car, each has to be secured into place in a particular order in order to get the perfect fit and finish required for such a unique and bespoke project.

Like New – Continuing the Metal Work on the 1978 MG B GT

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have been making good progress on the body shell of the 1978 MG B GT in with us for restoration at our Suffolk HQ.

Our restoration technician Rob has been working on cutting out any form of corroded metal from the car to make sure everything is structurally right and lining up properly. Firstly, he worked on getting the rear valance of the classic MG B sorted.

The old valance was heavily corroded and warped so our team sourced a replacement panel and began the process of carefully removing the old piece in such a way as to not damage any of the mounting surfaces behind it. All of the surfaces behind the valance were cleaned and prepared ahead of the new piece firmly welded into place.

Next, Rob finished the work needed to the bottoms of the A-pillars. This needed to be done before the team could begin fitting and placing the new sills. With the old sills cut out of the car and the new ones trimmed and clamped they could be welded into place taking into account the new A-Pillar and the mounted door to ensure there was no overlap or conflict between any of the pieces.

Finally, Rob could cut out the rear arch. This was heavily corroded and in need of replacement. So carefully the spot welds were cut out and the original piece taken out before offering up the replacement arch.