March 30, 2022

Home Time – The 1965 Porsche 912 Paint Finished Ahead of It Heading Home

The paintwork of the 1965 Porsche 912 in the Bridge Classic Cars Paintshop is now complete!

With our part of this fantastic restoration project complete, it’s time for the classic air-cooled Porsche to head off for final assembly. The car arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop a few months ago, with a mismatch of different coloured panels which our in-house paint team have spent many hours correcting and perfecting. Alan, one of our painters, headed up the project and saw the car from its first steps into the preparation area to it being rolled out to be loaded into our enclosed transporter.

To mark this amazing project, we’ve put together a small gallery showing everything from the very beginning.

Headed Home – Team C Racing Mini Shell Heading Back for Final Build

The Team C Racing Mini has been completed by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop and is headed back home to Team C for final assembly.

The Innocenti Mini arrived at our workshops a few weeks ago and has had many hours of work put into it in order to get it looking absolutely perfect for the project. The car has even had the underside of the shell completely prepared and treated with tint matched Raptor Guard to protect it from the elements.

It’s sad to see some of our projects leave us but this one has been a pleasure. And, there’ll be a new Team C Racing Mini for the Bridge Classic Cars team to start work on soon.

First Colour – 1969 Bentley T1 has First Round of Colour

The beautiful and elegant 1969 Bentley T1 has been in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint booth to have its first layers of paint applied.

Chris and the paint team have worked hard to get the body of the classic Bentley into perfect shape before it headed into our paint booth. The Bentley is being repainted in the original Sage Green, which has been hand-matched by our paint department to get the colour just as it would have originally been done back in the late 1960s.

With this round of painting complete, the car will be taken into the preparation area and prepared to be finished.

Third Donation – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal TVR S2

The latest round of DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal donations has been sent off from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions to directly help those affected by the recent invasion.

As many know, the car was donated by previous winner Jar Joyce to help fundraise for the DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. So far, we have raised over £27,000 which will be used to help those affected and displaced by the conflict unfolding around them.

And you can help, by entering our 1989 TVR S2 competition. 100% of the proceeds of this competition will be donated weekly to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. You can enter now by clicking here!

More New Pieces – Handmade Pieces for the Interior of the 1952 MG TD

The interior of the 1952 MG TD had had several more hand-made pieces crafted by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop.

Lydia and Brian have been working on completely replacing the carpet set in the classic MG with new material in the closest colour possible to the original. Each of the pieces for the car has been measured and made from the original pieces as a template in order to achieve the best fit. Countless times each individual part was test fit into the car before being hand edged and bound.

Redone – Renewing the Carpet on the 1952 MG TD

The amazing trim team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on removing and renewing the interior of the 1952 MG TD.

Brian and Lydia have carefully stripped back the old interior of the car to make way for the handmade replacement that will be installed. Lydia has been remaking the carpeted gearbox tunnel section with its green leather handbrake cover incorporated into the actual piece itself.

Along with this is all new backings and edging to get the interior of the 1952 MG TD looking just right.

Painted – The Heater Box of the 1970 Bristol 411 Painted

The modified heater box of the 1970 Bristol 411 has been in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house paint shop to be refinished.

Mauro has worked on getting the heater box prepared and then thoroughly cleaned down before each individual piece was hung in the spray booth and sprayed in durable black ready to be reinstalled in the engine bay of the left-hand drive converted Bristol 411.