March 22, 2022

Test Fit – Trial Fitment of the New Steering Rack on the 1970 Bristol 411

The all-new steering rack for the 1970 Bristol 411 has been test fit into the car by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop.

As part of the cars left-hand drive conversion, the technicians have specced a brand new power-steering rack. Previously, the workshop has been busy making new plates and brackets for this moment.

With the new rack in place, the technicians can take measurements and double check tolerances for any interference which may happen.

Careful Cutting – Working on the Clock & Radio Panel of the 1968 MGC Roadster

The trim shop at the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ have been working on finishing up the interior of the 1968 MGC Roadster.

Brain, one of our trimmers, has been carefully cutting out a new hole to fit up the new clock into the dashboard of the classic and rare MGC. The panel had to be clamped down and the new wood veneer laid over the top to use as a template to mark out the piece.

Once the piece had been marked out, Brian carefully drilled out the new clock opening and finished it by hand. Now that this was complete, he could begin to secure the veneer to the panel.

After the adhesive had cured completely, he could fit the panel into the car and secure everything down into the car.

Piece by Piece – Body Repairs on the 1978 MGB GT

The bodywork on the 1978 MGB GT which is in for restoration with Bridge Classic Cars continues while the rest of the car is being worked on by the various other restoration departments.

The bodywork on the car has been worked on piece by piece, with any remnants of corrosion or rust completely removed from the shell of the classic sports car.

Using replacement patch panels, the areas were carefully cut out and the metal replaced piece by piece.

Refinished – Painting and Refinishing the Block and Parts of the 1978 MGB GT Engine

Once the engine and parts had been thoroughly cleaned by our restoration workshop for the 1978 MGB GT in with Bridge Classic Cars for restoration, they could be transferred over to the paint shop to be refinished.

Chris and the paint team worked on getting each piece cleaned and prepared before being taken into the paint booth. Each piece was individually painted whether in the maroon heavy-duty paint or the deep, silky black for some of the accessories.

Once everything had correctly cured, they were taken back into the restoration workshop for the engine to be reassembled ready for when the time comes to be reinstalled into the restored body.

This Just In – 1955 Austin-Healey 100

This gorgeous 1955 Austin-Healey 100 has just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshops at our Suffolk HQ for our technicians to look into a slight issue with the car.

The team at Bridge have been asked to look into a running issue with the car. The car had an intermittent fault where starting from particularly hot it would struggle. So, the team will be going through the various systems to check this over and diagnose the issue.

Expect to see more very soon on this incredible 1955 Austin Healey 100 on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

RaptorGuard – The Underside of the Team C Racing Mini Shell RaptorGuarded

The paint shop inside of Bridge Classic Cars have sealed the bottom of the classic Mini for Team C Racing.

The underside of the Mini was hand sanded to make sure the surface was perfect before it was handed over to the paint team. Chris has tinted the RaptorGuard to match the colour intended for the rest of the body but is much harder wearing and more durable than normal paint.

Fitted Up – Fitting the Heater/AC Unit and Handbrake to the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The workshop at Bridge Classic Cars has worked on getting the AC/Heater Unit fitted into the interior of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona.

Scott has made brackets to adapt the mounts on the AC/Heater unit to the dash structure in the Daytona. The piece was carefully test fit into the car and bolted down before the freshly retrimmed dashboard was placed over it to make sure the fit and finish were perfect on the car.

Next, he turned his attention to the handbrake on the car. The lever has been fitted with a genuine Daytona cover and then the bracketry fitted onto the transmission tunnel, painted and bolted down. Then the necessary cables could be run to the rear brakes.

Handmade Details – Details for the Seatbase and Rear Quarters on the Interior of the 1955 Jensen 541

The trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars has been working on the interior of the 1955 Jensen 541.

Brian, one of our trimmers, has handmade a lot of these details for the interior of the car. Including the rounded bases of the rear quarter panels finished with hand-formed aluminium brackets. These pieces have been entirely made by the trim team and will be recovered.

The seat bases have also been worked on by the team and the wooden spars carefully cut by hand to give the best fit and finish needed for the bottoms of the seats.

Fabrication – Brackets and Mounts Fabricated for the 1970 Bristol 411

The Bristol 411 left-hand drive conversion is moving forward with new mounts and brackets being fabricated by the restoration team in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

Paul has made new glovebox brackets to reinforce behind the dashboard now the dash has rotated.

The biggest change has been underneath the car. Paul has made new plates that will be used to attach the all-new steering rack for the conversion. The pieces were cut to shape and then carefully refined to fit into the car.

Underside – Sanding the Underneath of the Team C Racing Mini

The underside of the Team C Racing Mini shell has been worked on by the Bridge Classic Cars body shop ahead of its appointment in the in-house paint booth.

Mauro, our paint and body restoration technician, has been painstakingly sanding the underneath of the classic Mini. Each and every inch of the car’s top and the bottom has been worked on to ensure the work done by the paint shop is perfect.

The underside of the car is due to be raptor guarded to give the best durability to the bottom of the car against the elements.

Rebuilt – Rebuilding the Distributor and Carburettors of the 1978 MGB GT

The restoration technicians in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have been busy rebuilding and cleaning up the distributor and carburettors of the 1978 MGB GT.

Rob began by carefully disassembling the distributor on the classic MGB. The internals of the distributor was assessed and inspected, with the decision being to entirely rebuild the whole component and clean up the casing.

The next job was to work on stripping down the SU carburettors and manifolds to assess them. Once the assessment was complete, our technician Rob cleaned up each and every piece of the carburettors before beginning the process of rebuilding and recommissioning the vital intake components.

With these jobs complete, Rob could begin to prepare the engine block for refurbishment and paint.

Second Donation – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 1989 TVR S2

The 2nd round of proceeds has been donated by Bridge Classic Cars Competitions to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to go directly to those who are on the ground helping the people of Ukraine affected and displaced by the invasion.

Every week, we send 100% of the proceeds taken to the Humanitarian Appeal to help them carry on their amazing work in the area.

Featured – Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 1989 TVR S2 in East Anglian Daily Times & Ipswich Star

The 1989 TVR S2, which was generously donated to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by its owner Jar Joyce, has been featured in both the East Anglian Daily Times and the Ipswich Star.

It’s amazing to see more and more exposure is given to this incredible cause and the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize. Remember though, 100% of all proceeds go to directly help those affected and displaced by the invasion which has turned so many people’s lives either into chaos or completely upside down.

You can read the EADT article here and the Ipswich Star article by clicking here.

But you can also enter the competition yourself by clicking here for the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website.

Up and Running – Getting the 1969 Sunbeam Rapier Started

The restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars have got the engine running on our 1969 Sunbeam Rapier since it arrived in with us from South Africa recently.

With some fresh fuel, top-up of levels, a jump start from our director’s car and a check over the little 4-cylinder sprang into life, happily idling in our storage facility, The Hangar. So, we decided to take it out for a drive up and down the runway to make sure everything worked just as it should.

A Unique Opportunity – 1959 Jensen 541R

Bridge Classic Cars are excited to announce the latest Jensen 541 to be joining our stable. This 1959 Jensen 541R was previously owned by Neil Hepburn, an engineer with a passion for his 1959 541R.

Neil had owned the car since 1974 but unfortunately passed away several years ago leaving his beloved Jensen to his family. The details that are known of the car is that during its life it had several upgrades done such as a disc brake conversion as well as a chassis rebuild.

All of this work had been done to a very high standard under the guardianship of Mr Hepburn and the small number of custodians of this 541R.

Across its 63 years, the car is reading as covering just 40,000 miles which is believed correct. The engine has not run for several years but previously, although put away into storage and up on stands, the car was run regularly with the carburettors fed by tube using premium fresh petrol.

The car also comes with its original V5 logbook which shows previous owners including several members of the Palmer-Tomkinson family.

Barbra Hepburn, the wife of Neil, would like her late husband’s car brought back to its former glory as she has many happy memories and photographs of the car being used by herself and her late husband in years gone by.

This 1959 Jensen 541R is coming to join its sisters here at Bridge Classic Cars to await the commissioning of its full concours restoration. This 541R is offered for sale with the condition of a restoration carried out in full by our restoration workshop who have extensive experience restoring Jensen 541’s to the very highest of standards which these special cars deserve.