March 7, 2022

Auction – 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 at the H&H Imperial War Museum Auction

The Bridge Classic Cars 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 will soon be headed to auction with auctioneers H&H Auctions.

Here’s what H&H’s James McWilliam had to say about our Viper:

”Wonderfully politically incorrect, the Dodge Viper was launched in January 1992. A pure American muscle car, it was conceived by Bob Lutz, Tom Gale, Francois Castaing and Carroll Shelby. Built around a tubular steel backbone frame equipped with all round double-wishbone independent suspension, vented disc brakes and power-assisted rack and pinion steering, it did without ABS or a traction control system. Extensively reworked by Lamborghini (another Chrysler subsidiary at the time), its 8 litre V10 former truck engine gained a new aluminium block and cylinder heads. Quoted as developing some 400bhp and 465lbft of torque, it was mated to a six-speed Borg Warner T-56 manual gearbox. Clad in lightweight resin transfer moulding glassfibre body panels, the targa-roofed RT/10 claimed a 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 165mph. Remaining in production until 2017, the Viper has long since attracted a cult following (though, later versions came with a far fuller complement of driver-aid electronics).

Finished in the eye-catching combination of Viper Red with White racing stripes and Dark Grey leather upholstery, ‘M2 EKO’ was imported from its native America in 2020. Riding on ‘chrome effect’ 18-inch alloys shod with low profile tyres, the two-seater features a removable roof panel and side windows and shows just 31,500 miles to its odometer. The steering wheel and seats are said to be in ‘incredible’ condition with minimal signs of wear. Reportedly a real ‘head turner’ whenever it is seen or heard in public, the Alpine stereo has its work cut out competing with the formidable 8 litre V10 rumble which emanates from the side pipe exhausts! Offered for sale with the original drivers’ pack, 2 sets of keys and V5C document. It is estimated that less than 100 Dodge Vipers are currently registered for UK road use.”

The car is presented for auction at the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday March 16th 2022. To view the car or to register your interest, click the link below.

View the 1995 Dodge Viper RT/10 at the H&H Imperial War Museum 2022 auction.

Preparations – The Doors of the 1987 Daimler Double Six in Primer

The doors from the 1987 Daimler Double Six have been moved from the body shop to the paint shop at Bridge Classic Cars.

The doors have been prepared for their first coat of primer before being taken back through into the body shop to be perfected and shaped in anticipation for the body shell to be moved into the department from the fabrication shop and readied for primer.

Reshaping – Body Work on the 1969 Bentley T1

The 1969 Bentley T1 is in the Bridge Classic Cars body shop to be reworked and perfected before it goes into the in-house paint booth.

The body shop team have been working on sanding and minimally filling the panels on the classic Bentley to ensure each body line and panel seamlessly blends into the next from the front to the back of the car.

Once the preparations are completed, the car will go back into the paint booth and then the team will move onto the next process.

Revisions – Modifying the Heater box of the 1970 Bristol 411

The 1970 Bristol 411 which is in the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop to be converted to left-hand drive has to have several important pieces in the engine bay modified to fit the application.

One of these pieces is the heater box of the classic Bristol. The inlets and outlets of the heater box, once it has been rotated during its relocation across the firewall, were in entirely the wrong orientation. This means that our restoration technicians have had to modify and relocate each of the individual outlets. Along with that, other openings in the heater box has had to be blanked off and reopened 180 degrees out.

Sealed – The Boot Floor of the 1987 Daimler Double Six Seam Sealed

After the repairs to the boot floor of the 1987 Daimler Double Six – The Bridge Classic Cars teams have been working to make sure everything is sealed up tight.

The body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been underneath the and in the boot of the classic Daimler to seal any joints between the panels which make up the boot floor. This is crucial for the longevity of not just our repairs on the car but the longevity of the whole car itself.

Off to a New Home – Our 1992 Toyota MR2 Finds a New Owner

Our 1992 Toyota MR2 has gone off to its new life with its new owner.

The MR2 was bought by a young driver who got the car not only to use as an enthusiast but also as a future investment in a quickly appreciating modern classic. It’s always nice to see one of our classics go to a true enthusiast and we wish them many happy years with the car.

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Start of the Process – Retrimming the Dash of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

The dashboard from the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona is in with the Bridge Classic Cars trim shop to be recovered after its reshaping by the restoration technicians.

The dashboard has undergone several modifications and revisions while in the body shop, so with that, it has gone upstairs to our in-house trim shop to be retrimmed in black vinyl. This retrim is completely bespoke to the dash with every hole, seam and panel hand-cut and templated by the team.

Lydia made individual templates for each piece using reference materials and photos of the original Daytona pieces to first test fit for the vinyl pieces, and so that any revisions could be made to create an entire piece that fit the dashboard perfectly for the classic Daytona replica.

Neat and Tidy – Tidying Up The Engine Bay Wiring of the 1968 MGC Roadster

The restoration technicians in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop have the fantastic 1968 MGC Roadster currently on the ramp to complete several jobs on the car. This time, it’s tidying up the wiring in the engine bay.

Jon has been methodically going through the wiring under the bonnet of the classic convertible sports car to make sure everything not only works correctly but is safely routed around the engine bay. System by system, he has grouped together separate parts of the harness and shielded them where necessary.

Final Pieces – Bumpers for the 1965 Porsche 912 in Primer

The final pieces for the 1965 Porsche 912 have gone into the Bridge Classic Cars paint shop to have their final coat of primer.

The body shop team have worked on perfecting the shape and surface of the bumpers and valance panel from the classic Porsche before it went into the paint booth. This involved hours of shaping and sanding to get each individual piece to the correct shape.

Then, once each had been perfectly cleaned and prepared, Alan could lay the final coats of high build primer on the panels in preparation for the beginning of the colour process.