February 14, 2022

Re-Do – Refinishing the Wheels on the 2005 Aston Martin DB9… Again.

The more that we looked at the wheels on the 2005 Aston Martin DB9, they just weren’t right. But that’s okay! So, we decided to get them refinished… again.

Now the wheels are back, refinished in a slightly glossier version of the original satin chrome. They look absolutely sensational. Like they were brand new but even better.

Now, its time to enjoy the DB9 again!

Featured – Photo of our 1961 Jensen 541S Restoration at Seckford Hall

We’ve been sent an amazing photo from the lobby of Seckford Hall here in Suffolk. The photo in the frame is from a photoshoot that Bridge Classic Cars did with the 1961 Jensen 541S restoration we had carried out at Seckford Hall.

It’s always a very proud moment to see both our photography work and restoration work in somewhere like Seckford Hall.

Special Delivery – New Panels for the 1978 MGB GT

The new panels for the 1978 MGB GT have arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. These pieces were ordered for the restoration of the sports car being done by our workshop.

All of these pieces are being checked and catalogued for the car by the team for when bodywork begins as part of the restoration project.

Upon Inspection – Damage to the Rear Diff Seal on the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda

After the installation of the engine and gearbox back into the 1969 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda, the team at Bridge Classic Cars have found some historic damage to the rear diff seal on the car.

The technicians at Bridge Classic Cars, as part of the refit, inspected all aspects of the driveline in the iconic Mercedes. Upon inspection of the rear differential, Paul discovered some historic damage to the rear different seal.

This will need to be resolved before the drive shaft can be installed back into the car and begin road testing. Paul has drilled out the original damaged nut to gain access.

Keep a lookout for more updates on the Pagoda here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

From the Base – Making New Seat Bases for the 1955 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop have got the 1955 Jensen 541 seats on the workbench for the cars new owner.

Brian and Lydia are working through the interior of the car bit by bit and now, is the front seats. Brian has got the new seat bases for the seats as the old ones were in very rough shape. The seat bases have been made from brand new steel for the team to work from.

Bit by bit, the trim team will be working on getting the front seats totally put together and recovered for a very special car like the 541.

Ignition – Fitting Electronic Ignition to the 1973 Jaguar E Type Coupe

The technicians at Bridge Classic Cars have been getting through the list of jobs to get done on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Coupe.

The next job on the list was to fit a new electronic ignition into the 1970s GT car.

Removing the old system out of the car was done carefully while making note of each component, its condition and any wiring. With that out of the car, Jon could then get the new electronic ignition fitted.

A new distributor, coil, amplifier and resistor were fitted into the car and wired up under the bonnet of the E Type. He then ran all of the HT leads from each plug to the correct point on the distributor to get it in the right firing order. Then, after its first start and warm-up, Jon could set the timing and lock that in.

Starting New – Fitting and Testing the New Starter Motor on the 2002 Nissan Cabstar

Our technicians at Bridge Classic Cars have refitted the new starter motor on the 2002 Nissan Cabstar which belongs to one of our neighbours here at our Suffolk HQ.

Jon, has gone back out to refit the newly arrived starter motor into the truck. Once he had the new part fitted under the cab of the work truck, he could then begin testing.

After checking everything was wired up and in the right position, Jon cranked the truck over and it fired into life.

Fresh Metal – Wing and Door Rust Repairs on the 1987 Daimler Double Six

The Bridge Classic Cars fabrication team have been working on getting any and all signs of corrosion out of the 1987 Daimler Double Six currently in our Suffolk HQ workshop for restoration.

Monty, one of our fabricators, has been methodically going through the car to address any issues with a series of smaller sympathetic repairs where needed. One of these areas is the wings of the car and the bottoms of the doors.

He has gone through each panel to determine just how much material needs to be removed in order for it to be structurally sound and safe. Monty has made a series of patch panels for both the wings and the doors of the Daimler from scratch. Handforming each of the pieces until it was a tight fit and flowed with any curves or radiuses on the car.

With this step done, he will carry on through the car getting all the necessary areas completely sorted out.