December 1, 2021

Ready and Waiting – Removing the Headlights on the 1934 MG PA Midget

Earlier, we should you the newly painted headlight covers for our director Gordon’s 1934 MG PA Midget. Well, in preparation for them our in-house restoration technician Paul has been carefully disassembling the headlights on this beautiful sports car.

With a vehicle such as the MG PA, a certain amount of restraint is needed when removing components from the car. Or, even something as simple as disconnecting a wire. That’s where our technicians shine, with a host of reference sources in our library and the wealth of knowledge contained within our workshop, any job can be tackled with the right approach.

Paul removed the headlight from its cover, making note of the placement of each wire and screw. Everything has been bagged and catalogued to be stored safely for its new covers to finally be cured and ready to be fitted to the MG PA.

Clear Out – Cleaning out the Engine Block of the 1971 Jaguar XJ6

A while ago, you may remember that our in-house restoration technicians were looking into a misfire issue on the 1971 Jaguar XJ6 that is in at Bridge Classic Cars. It was discovered the head gasket has failed and damaged the cylinder head which was sent off to a specialist to be remachined.

With the return of the cylinder imminent, our in-house restoration technicians have been preparing the rest of the engine block to receive the head. After Jonn had begin to inspect the block for assessment, he discovered that most of the coolant galleys and water jackets were packed with thick, brown sludge..

Jonn has spent a considerable amount of time to carefully remove the blockages and the sludge. Using a series of tools and removing the core plugs to get better access to remove the debris, Jonn has managed to remove the majority of the sludge from the straight-six but the last few bits and pieces will need to be flushed out and then the passageways rechecked for any remnants.

Considering the level of blockage in the engine, Jonn has done a great job in making sure that when the cylinder head for the XJ6 is ready to be fitted back on that everything else will be at the same standard to ensure a happy and long life for this wonderful piece of British engineering.

Finer Details – Painting the Headlight Covers for the 1934 MG PA Midget

Chris has got the latest pieces for the 1935 MG PA Midget in the Bridge Classic Cars paint booth. These are the new headlight covers for the 1934 MG PA Midget!

The MG PA will be getting colour matched headlight covers that Chris has worked hard to try and colour match to the rest of the amazing early sports car. Chris prepped the pieces thoroughly to make sure that during the primer and colour coats it would lay evenly and match the finish of the existing paint on the car.

They look absolutely phenomenal. Once these have cured, they will be handed our to our in-house restoration technicians to begin fitting them to the car as they work their way through the list of things to do on this amazing car.

It’s Whats on the Inside – Beginning Install of the Interior on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

The 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster which we know as Fern Grey has officially been moved over to the the trim shop! A massive milestone in the build, which means now Brian, Kath and Lydia can began work on getting the handmade interior into this stunning E Type.

To begin with, Brian started to mark out and prepare the sound deadening panels for the car. This will be a crucial part of the interior as not only will it help with the final fit and finish of each of the handmade pieces, but will also be key for a pleasant driving experience for its owner. So, Brian used his years of experience and reference photos to place the sound deadening panels in just the right place which should mean all the piece go into the car perfectly but it has less intrusive cabin noise.

With the sound deadening now secured into the car, Brian could turn his attention to the doors. Brian and the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim team have custom made these absolutely stunning green door cards to match the rest of the interior accent colours. These are two piece door panels with an upper cap and a lower door card but were created specifically for this car. The door cards needed to be secured into place for Brian to do the last piece for passenger side doors. The all important sill cap.

The sill cap for Fern Grey is much like the rest of the car, entirely bespoke to the project. Wanting to continue to the elegance and comfort all the way from the centre of the car out, Brian wrapped the sills in upholstery foam to give them a totally new look and feel. Like they had become an extension of the dash/seats/consoles. Then, wrapped in a colour matched vinyl the sills look absolutely sensational and there’s still so much more to come!

Expect to see quite a few more updates in the coming weeks on Fern Grey here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.