November 30, 2021

The Most Important of Details – Incredible Pieces for the 1934 MG PA Midget

Our director Gordon has been putting together a collection of memorabilia for his newly acquired for his 1934 MG PA Midget which is currently being worked on by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians.

Gordon has shared with us a couple of pieces he has got hold of for his PA. The first, an authentic period correct MG toolkit by Frank Taylor Ltd and featuring the classic MG logo on a beautiful handmade emblem. The box contains many of the handmade and precision tools needed to maintain one of these early MG’s. The next piece is a Daily Mirror newspaper dated from 1937 and features Fred Perry’s tennis world championship news along with several other stories but this is a genuine 1937 Newspaper to go along with the car.

There will be more news on the 1934 MG PA Midget very soon here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.

Coming Soon – 1975 MGB GT V8

Coming soon to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop here in Pettistree, Suffolk is this stunning red 1975 MGB GT V8.

The car will arrive and then be assessed by our various in-house restoration experts to determine what needs doing and in what order to make this amazing British sports car as good as new.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars blog for more on the MGB GT V8 once it arrives.

Making Headway – New Panels on the 1977 MGB Roadster

Scott, one of our incredible in-house restoration technicians here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working on getting the new inner and out rear quarter panels fitted onto the 1977 MGB Roadster.

This process is best-done inch by inch when it involves the removal of inner body panels. The rear wings, needed to be replaced so the best quality replacement wheel arches and rear quarter panels were sourced for this car. After removing the pieces from the car carefully, Scott could then begin to test fit and trim the new panels into the car. A job where precision, accuracy and a steady hand are crucial but that is something we pride ourselves on here at Bridge Classic Cars.

With the panels now cut to size and shape, Scott methodically welded the new pieces into the Roadster so as to not warp the shape on the pieces. Then, that was one side of the car done and just the other side to go!

Behind The Scenes – Handover of the 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation with BBC Radio Suffolk

One of the best parts about the process of someone winning a dream classic from Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is the look on their face when their new pride and joy is revealed to them for the first time. It’s a beautiful moment and with our latest competition winner, Chris and his 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation, we were lucky enough to capture the whole process along with a good friend of Bridge Classic Cars.

As the team arrived, with the RS Mexico safely stowed away inside our enclosed transporter, the air was electric. Chris, who won the Escort RS Mexico Recreation on Thursday last week, was there to meet the team and the transporter. As the team got the Transporter in position, a long time friend of Bridge Classic Cars and Classic Bus Enthusiast Luke Deal arrived. Luke is of course one of the voices of BBC Radio Suffolk. Luke has been a friend of Bridge Classic Cars since we did our 1948 Morris Lowlight competition which, just like Chris, was won by someone just round the corner from our headquarters in Pettistree.

After the introductions and the plan had been gone through. It was time for the next big surprise for Chris. He was about to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Suffolk about how he won the car and his thoughts and emotions about now being the proud owner of this incredible classic. As this was happening, the Bridge Team were busy shooting videos and photographs but also Live Streaming the handover on our Facebook Page. Along with Luke having a chat with Chris about his prize, he also spent a few minutes talking to Charlotte about Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, how it is done and the amazing response that we have had across the enthusiast community.

Then, it was time for the big reveal. Standing off to one side of the car, Chris watched on with Luke as Charlotte and Craig pulled back the fitted black cover to reveal Chris’s bright green pride and joy. It was quite a sight to see him overcome with emotion as the realisation sunk in that the car well and truly belonged to him. He had to pause during his live reaction chat with Luke to gather his thoughts a couple of times as you could see how much this car meant to him.

With Chris now the proud new owner of the 1975 Ford Escort Mk1 RS Mexico Recreation, he had a chat with Freddie and Charlotte about how he had entered and his feelings about winning which was so lovely to see a real, genuine person so filled with happiness and excitement about his dream classic. That is what sits at the core of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

To listen to both Chris and Charlotte live on the air with Luke Deal today on BBC Radio Suffolk, click the link below and skip to 10:45.

Click here to Listen to Luke Deal with Bridge Classic Cars and the latest winner Chris.