November 23, 2021

Coming Soon – 1973 Saab 96V4

Coming soon to our safe, secured and private storage facility, The Hangar, is this incredible 1973 Saab 96V4.

This car is going to be stored with us for some time before it is bought over to our Pettistree workshop for our incredible in-house restoration teams to look into a few jobs for its lucky owner.

If you would like your car stored with us here at Bridge Classic Cars, head over to our storage page to find out more or get in touch with us!

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Nostalgia – Our Friends Cars

Bridge Classic Cars are evolving our Nostalgia features!

Within the coming series, we want to feature the cars, motorbikes and other vehicles which our friends in the community have and the stories behind them. If you have a story and a vehicle that you would like us to mention, then get in touch with us.

You can contact us by email at or through our social media pages on Facebook or on our Instagram.

Here though is a look at some of the previous Nostalgia entries:

This is our Director Gordon’s original Vauxhall Carlton. Unlike most Carltons, Gordon’s car was red. Seen here in period, it was kept spotless and even now it would still turn heads like the day it was new.

Our friend Nigel Bromley sent in these incredible photos of his first car, the red Mini. And then later in his motoring career the Mk3 Escort. Nigel is now heading up departments at Lotus Cars but it’s interesting to see where the love of motoring began for him.

Those of us who live in Suffolk will know the name Luke Deal. Many won’t know that Luke is an avid collector of classic and vintage buses. Owning several of these wonderful examples of a bygone age of public transport.

Another friend of Bridge Classic Cars sent over this wonderful photo to celebrate Mothers Day. Simon, the man behind Vint-Tro is a neighbour of ours here in Suffolk. He sent over this awesome photo of his Mum as a young woman on what appears to be an old Speedway/Grasstrack bike.

This photo just sets the most wonderful of scenes. Paul Judd sent in this incredible photo of a Type 2 Splitscreen being used just as Wolfsburg had intended. To think, there was a time when camping sites all around the world would have seen these in droves being used just like this on a warm summers day in the sunshine or a rainy bank holiday weekend in the Lake District.

This photo belongs to Kieran Roper, a friend of our director Craig. Here you can see him sat atop of what appears to be a rather lovely Ducati 916. These bikes were in period quite the bit of kit and now are just as, if not more, sought after than the day they were made.

The Level of Detail – Recovering the Dash and Ceiling Pad of the 1956 Jensen 541

It’s the small details on a restoration that we believe take it to a world-class finish. Interiors are a huge part of the experience of these cars for their very lucky owners as it’s the best seat in the house in our opinion. That’s why our in-house trim shop takes everything to the next level in terms of fit and finish.

Brian, one of our in-house trim experts here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been hard at work stripping down and recovering several of the larger components for the 1956 Jensen 541. Brian began by stripping back the original dash and ceiling pads ready for them to be recovered in matching red leather to the rest of the interior. Carefully, Brian worked his magic on revealing the original piece that lay under the weathered coverings for assessment.

The pieces themselves were in remarkable shape. So, very little was needed before they were prepared for their new look. Inch by inch, Brian began with the underlays for each piece making sure they were cut perfectly to size before being married to the piece. Then, using the best hide, Brian began the process that would make them complete.

Using his years of experience in high-end retrimming, Brian stretch and secured the leather to the piece making sure at each point that the coverings sat flat and straight onto the original 1950s pieces. As you can see, the results are sensational just like the rest of the interior on this wonderful early car.