November 10, 2021

Mrs Hughes-Lewis – Suffolk

”Thank you so much for doing my DS’s underbody. I’ve had a look at the online pictures, which are fab. I couldn’t be happier 🙂”

Take a Seat – Building and Fitting the Seats to the 1970 Dodge Charger

Brian is working on the inside of the 1970 Dodge Charger that is in the Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop.

Brian has been building up the seats ready to be fitted into the car, both front and rear. Brian built up the rear seats to get into the car to begin with so that each of the other pieces can be put into place. The rear bench seat splits into two pieces so the careful placement of the covers and fixings to make sure all of the patterns lay straight and true to each other.

Then it was time for the front seats. All the side trims for the front seats needed to be fitted in preparation for them to be fitted into the Chargers cabin. All of these pieces were carefully fitted by Brian as to not mark or scuff any of the plastic trims. Then, once all finished and present they were put into the interior of this amazing Muscle Car.

New Beginnings – Brightwork Off for Refinishing on the 1969 Jensen 541

A crucial part of classic sportscars is it’s brightwork. An instantly recognisable symbol for elegance and style, chromework is the cornerstone of a finished classic.

So it’s time to send off all the pieces from our 1956 Jensen 541 that is currently undergoing restoration here at Bridge Classic Cars. These pieces will be sent off to a local specialist to be refinished, polished and cured before being bought back to our workshop and stored ready for when the car is in final assembly.

There will be more on this fantastic project here on the Bridge Classic Cars blog soon.

Issues Found – Looking into an Oil Pressure Issue on the 1973 MGB GT V8

Bridge Classic Cars have been working on this 1973 MGB GT V8 that has been in our workshop for a while, and during its testing phase, an issue has been found.

After fitting up, plumbing, wiring and preparing the newly rebuilt V8, the MGB like all of our projects, began its testing phase. After being run up to a temperature several times, our technician John discovered an issue. As part of all engine tests, our technicians remove the oil filter to inspect the condition of the oil and therefore the internals of the engine itself.

Upon inspection, John discovered metal swarf around the inlet of the oil filter. From there, it was time to begin tearing down the engine to get more of a look at what the issue might be. Looking into the oil galleries throughout the block, John found more metal debris. Then, taking his time to carefully remove some of the main caps John discovered them to be quite considerably scored and grooved. Indicative of an oil issue to the crankshaft.

The next step is to take the engine out of the car and begin to take each component apart, inspect and report on each piece.

This Just In – 1992 Toyota MR2

It’s not often we get to see more modern classics here in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. But, when we do they are iconic. Take for example this 1992 Toyota MR2 Automatic.

The car is in the process of being assessed and documented by our in-house restoration teams to determine what work will need to be done to make this example of peak 1990s Japanese engineering solid and reliable.

The MR2 is a wonderful mid-engined sportscar. Loved by many throughout the world for its handling, its dynamics and its ease to live with charm. This MR2 is fitted with an automatic gearbox as well as removable roof panels, which add to its everyday usability or weekend fun appeal.

Once the specific departments have looked at the car and issued their findings, expect to see more on this fantastic sportscar here on the Bridge Classic Cars blog.

Final Check-Up – Pre MOT Inspection of the 1984 BMW 635CSi

Bridge Classic Cars have it’s latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions car in the workshop before its draw tomorrow night.

The car is being checked over by our in-house restoration team as part of its delivery and MOT inspection. Our technicians are checking each system is functioning as it should and also that the crucial safety components needed for the MOT are being inspected and addressed if needs be.

There are still tickets available for this stunning 1980s icon! Just head over to Bridge Classic Cars Competitions by clicking the link below.

Head’s Up – Retrimming the Hardtop on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series 3 Roadster

From our last post, you saw our in-house restoration technician Scott busy at work in the workshop at Bridge Classic Cars plumbing and wiring the freshly built 5 litre V12 that sits at the heart of this gorgeous E Type Roadster. While that has been going on in the workshop, one crucial piece has been in the trim shop under the talented eye of our expert trimmer Brian.

The hardtop. An important part of any Roadster has been carefully painted by our amazing in-house paint shop in glorious deep black. Then, it was time for Brian to work his magic. Slowly and methodically, Brian began to remove the old headlining to reveal the shell underneath. Some of the material was saved in order to create the templates for the new pieces that would be needed to completely restore the hardtop to a standard matching the car itself.

Brian worked through the hardtop piece by piece to ensure the best and finish possible on such a bespoke project as Fern Grey. Even taking care to form the new openings for the speakers that sit in the pillar behind the drivers and passengers headrests. Once the underlay had been put in and secured, Brian then got to work with the finish touches.

Using swatches of existing black material, Brian took the time to find not only a close colour match but also a complimenting texture to work with the hardtop shell but also the other interior pieces that are in dark green leather. It’s these details that truly make this build, one of a kind.