August 11, 2021

HMC Fan Exchange

Slight play in the cooling fan of our HMC requires attention. A consideration could be to pack it out with a washer but this wouldn’t

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Lotus Elan all checked over!

The 1971 Lotus Elan is now ready to leave our workshop! After a general check over was done on the suspension bushes underneath the car by John, no problems were found. You can read about the engine work that Ady did on this car by clicking here and here.

Aztec Gold Mercedes coming this way!

Another car which we have recently purchased is this 1976 Mercedes R107 350 SL. With the exterior of the car painted in Aztec Gold and the interior being Chocolate Tex colour, it screams the 1970s. The exterior of the car is in great condition and with the seats being made of vinyl, they’ve done extremely well with the age of the car. In terms of the engine, the vehicle has been kept very original but has had work done to it in the past couple of years. Watch this space to find out when it’s made its way to our workshop!

Newly purchased, Ford Capri!

Here’s a car that a lot of people are fond of. Purchased by us today is this 1983 Ford Capri 1.6 LS! The bodywork on this car is fantastic, with no signs of corrosion underneath, the original cloth interior is in great condition for its age and it’s only had two other owners! Keep your eyes peeled on the happenings of this new purchase!

Axles fitting time for the Daytona.

Scott has now finished re-assembling the front axle for the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona. The rear axle was re-assembled last week, which you can see a blog post about here. A blog post showing the front axle’s progress from yesterday can be accessed here. Now both axles are re-assembled, they were able to be fitted to the car!

The front and rear axles have both been rebuilt with all new bushings, bearings, shocks and springs. The brake calipers have been refurbished and Scott has replaced all the brake lines. The car was then lowered down onto the newly built axles and they were bolted on with new mountings.

Boot panel prep on the Honda.

Lydia has been continuing the prep work on the 1998 Honda Integra Type R. This time she’s been sanding down the original paintwork on the underneath/inside of the panel that goes around the boot of the car. She used 500-grade gold soft pads to get rid of the bulk of the shine, followed by grey scotch pads to get into the tricky places and to go over the whole thing as well. Lydia then cleaned off the sanding and paint dust with panel wipe.

More transformations on the E-Type!

Matt’s been continuing his transformation work on the 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3. The outside of the body has now been painted Fern Grey to match the inside! There are photos and a small write-up of the inside and the newly painted front frame in yesterday’s blog post, which you can access by clicking here.

There are other parts that are now in the line-up to be painted, so watch this space!

Lydia has also continued sanding down the primer on parts for the E-Type. This time, the door hinges. They were gone over with 500-grade soft pads, grey scotch after and cleaned off with panel wipe.

HMC Fan Exchange

Slight play in the cooling fan of our HMC requires attention. A consideration could be to pack it out with a washer but this wouldn’t be the best outcome. It may do the trick and stop it from wobbling but it wouldn’t be the right solution. As it’s an aftermarket fan, new ones are still available. We have order a nice new replacement which should be with us later in the week.