July 16, 2021

Shaping up the Jaguar E-Type

Chris and Matt are continuing the work on shaping up the body of the Jaguar E-Type roadster in the paint shop.

Once the shell was back from the sand blasting, it was re-assembled, making sure all the panels lined up. From that, Chris and Matt were able to assess what condition the shell was in. It was then given a coat of epoxy primer to protect the metal and a thin layer of body filler to perfect the shape of the car and allow them to give each panel an equal gap around all the edges.

Greasing up the Jaguar!

Scott has finished the welding on the Jaguar E-Type 1.5, so he sealed and sprayed Schultz underseal on the underside of the car. He wrapped paper around the gearbox and exhaust to prevent any damage from the spray. He changed the engine oil and filter, greased up and lubricated all joints on the front end and replaced a snapped off grease nipple on the near side lower ballpoint. The interior has started to be put back in.

Repairs for the wings of the Riley!

James has been repairing the left-hand front wing on our 1951 yellow Riley. There were sections of corrosion, so he fabricated new sections where these were present. It was more efficient for James to replace large sections than lots of small sections.

He’ll be doing exactly the same method for the right-hand front wing next.

Refurbish for the Bristol.

Mauro has been refurbishing the front set up of the Bristol and applying new grease onto the front wheel bearings. The break disks got changed as well, and the sump gasket was leaking oil so he’s been fitting a new one.

The rocker cover gaskets have also been replaced due to an oil leak.

Testing the Morris Minor!

Dave has given the 1960 Morris Minor a final once over.

The fuel pump gaskets have been replaced. He removed the fuel tank sender unit to check it was in good working condition, which it was after cleaning. The fuel tank sender unit was re-installed with new gaskets. Dave also put in a new top hose and topped up with water and antifreeze.

The Morris Minor was test-driven after all this was done and all was fine, with the temperature gauge being checked in the process. The trafficator and temperature gauge are working perfectly now!

Triumph TR6 initial observations

Our beautiful 1975 Triumph TR6 is in the workshops right now having some remedial works carried out. Whilst on the road Paul has taken some observational photographs to discuss with the current owner for possible areas to watch out for at a later date.

Jensen 541S Air Box Bolt

Paul has re-produced an air box bolt for our 1960 Jensen 541S air box. It is now complete and ready to fit.

Riley Gathering At Ufford Park Woodbridge

6am this morning and a lovely collection of classics welcomed Craig to Ufford Park Woodbridge.

Assuming the owner’s were enjoying an overnight stay and unless an amazing coincidence probably all knew each other.

Not sure whether the classics belong to a club or just a group of friends out for a road trip but lovely to on this early summer’s morning.