May 20, 2021

Brown Mini Prepped

Our brown 1978 1275 GT Mini is all rubbed down, masked up and ready to paint. The front and sill has been stone-chipped and was then painted.

Peony Red Jensen’s New Dash And Door Cappings

Tom has been working on building up the dashboard for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. A keen eye for detail and a steady hand is needed to build up dashboards as it is a tricky job.

Brian has been adding wood to the front door to make the capping fit correctly. He’s then covered the door capping and new board for the side panel and added in a seat belt slot. Lastly he added the pipping between the side panel and rear quarter panel and glued it all in place.

Faulty Flywheel Replaced

We’ve now got the new clutch in for our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race Car which suffered from a faulty flywheel. Now with the new part, we hope this one will be able to handle the speed.

Ford Anglia Polished And Shiny

Our 1959 Ford Anglia had some slightly worn paintwork when it arrived, however after a good polish, its already looking better. The beautiful thing about this car is how original it is whilst still being in fantastic condition, meaning we aren’t changing anything about it, including the original paintwork which has survived 62 years.

SSII Boot Lid Amended And Service Completed

Scott has serviced the SS which only needed an oil change and the brakes adjusted.

As part of this 1934 (Jaguar) SSII’s checkup, we’ve started to fix the boot lid as a small gap between the lid and the boot was letting in water. Our trusty trim shop has cracked on with the task to amend this by adding a piece of flange to glue and nail around the edge to stop the water. The seal will hopefully stop the water from seeping in.