May 10, 2021

Life On Two Wheels

On these sunny Sunday afternoons we don’t just jump in our cars here at Bridge! Two of our technicians, Mauro and Tom spent Sunday enjoying

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1971 MG Midget In For Service

This little 1971 MG Midget has come in today for a service. It’s in need of its wheels being balanced, a general check over as it hasn’t been driven in a while and an oil check.

These MG Midgets are a particularly popular and charming classic which are quickly appreciating in value. As a simple classic roadster, it is the perfect every day classic or someone’s first classic. Fun to drive, easy to work on and cheap to fix, there’s not much you can’t love about it.

Jaguar XK8: More Rust Reveal

Our 1997 Jaguar XK8 has become somewhat of a snowball restoration. Originally in for just a touch of rust repair, we’re now revealing more rust than previously thought. Scenarios like this is very common as rust repair is often like opening a can of worms and we believe its better to bite the bullet and sort it out rather than wait for the rust to get to an unmanageable and fatal point.

Pricey has started working on the rotten right hand front subframe point where he has removed the outer layer, then cleaned and removed the inner layer and zinc sprayed it all. He has then welded the inner layer and zinc primed that, before doing the same with the outer layer. Pricey has then rust treated the surrounding areas and epoxy primed, undersealed and cavity waxed the area. After this, he refitted the subframe bracket and bolts.

Lilac Jensen Fibreglass Repair

Our 1960 Jensen 541R is undergoing some fibreglass repair in our paint shop. Matt is currently working on the boot lid that needs to be repaired with filler, shaped up and smoothed down.

White E-Type Begins Its Paint Journey

Before we get the body and panels of our 1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Roadster in for paint, we need to start painting the internal parts in black epoxy. The majority of these parts will be totally or partially hidden either under the car or within it, however, it is important to have them all looking uniform and neat.

Rebuilding the V8 engine

Having been in storage for many years with our friends at Brown and Gammons it’s time for the car to out and see the sunshine.

We have been commissioned to rebuild the engine and marry up the gearbox.

Work will commence very soon.

Triumph Stag Interior Finished

Brian has recently added the finishing touches to our Maroon 1973 Triumph Stag. This car has gone from looking rather sad at Bentwaters, with an empty interior and flat tyre, to now starting to resemble a usable car!

He has fitted the tonneau cover in place by bolting the brackets into the car and fitting a catch to lock the hood in place. Brian then checked that the rear bar of the frame fits well into the cover lock and then laid the hood cover over the frame and glued the rear flap to the rear bar.

The next step was to clip the front edge in place and glue it to the front bar, followed by gluing the side and roof flaps in place. Brian then fit metal channels and rubbers in place and then trimmed the front edge of the cover, and then rivetted the metal channel and rubber in place.

After this, the rear and front seats could also be fitted. The interior now looks perfect.

Life On Two Wheels

On these sunny Sunday afternoons we don’t just jump in our cars here at Bridge!

Two of our technicians, Mauro and Tom spent Sunday enjoying a day out on two wheels in Great Yarmouth.