April 6, 2021

Jaguar MKVII Painted

Our stunning 1954 Jaguar MKVII has been full painted and the panels have been smoothed and flattened. The rest of the body now needs to

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Grey Jensen Paint Touch Up

Chris has been working to re-apply the black raptor paint that was applied on the underside of the wheel arches which is used as a sealant. He has also been fixing a few cracks in the fibreglass where the rubber was too thick for the boot door and closing it had caused some stress cracks.

Nissan Patrol Sill Repairs

Our adventurous modern classic, the Nissan Patrol is currently sat in the fabrication bay with Pricey continuing his work restoring the sills and doors. The front sills have been removed and repaired with filler, the front wing is being sandblasted to remove the corrosion and the door sills are also being addressed and re-built due to rust. The inner sills have been attached to the outer sills and anti-corrosion will be applied.

Austin Nippy’s Peculiar Bind

Our 1934 Austin Nippy has had a strange issue with its crank shaft spring which got caught inside the engine. As seen in the illustrations below, the spring is meant to sit back however it had moved along the crank shaft and into the engine. This has now been taken apart and amended, meaning the only thing left to do is to take it for a test drive again.

S2000 Welding And Rust Repair

Our Honda S2000 is a modern classic from the turn of the millennia. Following on from our last update, James has been focusing on rebuilding the wheel arch that has been lost to corrosion and rust. James has also rebuilt and painted the boot lip which is hidden beneath trim as well as welding and spot welding areas that have suffered due to rust.

Matt has been repairing the bumper in the paint shop which was showing signs of stress fractures. Its previously been poorly repaired as Matt found excessive filler in it, meaning he had to strip it to bare plastic and apply dolphin glaze to repair it.

This is the wheel arch complete:

Jaguar MKVII Painted

Our stunning 1954 Jaguar MKVII has been full painted and the panels have been smoothed and flattened. The rest of the body now needs to be flattened and shaped before it goes back into the workshop to have its chrome and trim fitted back in as well as the mechanics.

Alvis Hood Renovation Begins

Our 1940 Alvis came in last week to have its hood restored and that process has begun today. Brian and Lydia have been taking apart all the pieces including the rear panels and seats so that they don’t get damaged in the process. Lydia has been marking out where the stitches are on the fabric.

Brian has been stripping off al the old material from the front trim panels and recovering them in a new material to match the headliner. He has also removed and recovered the side trim panels and b post panels.

Triumph TR5 Fuel And Brake Lines

Our classic Triumph TR5 is progressing well through its nut and bolt restoration. Mauro has recently fitted the fuel and brake lines as well as fitting the panel in the wheel arch known as the ‘baffle’ plate.

Mauro has also been working on correcting and fitting the bumper as he wasn’t happy with how it was sat.

Peony Red Gets More Chrome

Our 1960 Peony Red Jensen is coming along well. With the continuation of chrome fitting, Paul has been making an fitting seat belt strengthens to ensure safety. Originally only being fitted to the metal shell, Paul has made some enforced pieces of metal to make sure the seat belts are fixed in well.

Tom is also linking up the main loom to the fuel gage and reserve, as well a securing it in place so that it runs to the rear loom.

Jaguar E-Type Engine Removal

Our 1973 Jaguar E-Type from Beverly Hills has had its engine removed today so that it can be sent off to be rebuilt. Scott has been working to strip the engine of any pieces that don’t need to be sent off.

Triumph TR7 V8 Back In

This stunning 1978 Triumph TR7 V8 has come back in for some servicing issues such as the power steering, track rods ends being too stiff, alignment and tracking required, the fitting of some Cibie driving lights, the fixing of some wiring and some trim needing to be amended round the base of the gear stick.

Range Rover Vogue Sun Visor Replacement

A customer, based all the way out in Pakistan, has requested that we recover their 2006 Range Rover Vogue sun visors that have started to look worn out. No job is too big or too small for our trim shop!

Morris Minor Win Causes Major Delight

Our lovely little 1949 Morris Minor was delivered to its new owners in Ipswich over the weekend. Matthew Sudgen won with his lucky ticket number 25.

Pictured with partner, Alex and their dog Truffle, Matthew was absolutely delighted to see his new Morris Minor arrive over the weekend – what an Easter treat.

Thank you to everyone who entered to win this lovely classic. We wish you the best of luck if you enter any of our upcoming classic car competitions

Could you be our next winner?www.bridgeclassiccarscompetitions.co.uk

Antlers Ready For Sand Blasting

Our 1973 Triumph Stag has had its hood frame removed ready to be sand blasted which will allow our technicians to see what we have left and what might need to be fabricated.

The silver chrome trim has also been taken off on the tonneau cover.

Kath has been working on the Stag as well. She has disassembled the centre hand brake section and the B-posts so that the metal is ready to be sand blasted.