January 21, 2021

Jaguar At Dawn

The dawn chorus sounded a little different this morning. Accompanying the chirping birds on their morning song was the rumbling purr of an E-Type. Craig

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@vincars_ MG Feature – January 2021

We were delighted to have been featured on @vincars_ page on Instagram, who kindly posted a selection of photos of our stunning 1951 MGTD Competition Abington MkII which is thought to be the only one of its kind left in the world.

Originally bought by Craig and his friend, this MGTD was shipped over from Canada and restored back in 2016. You can see its restoration story here.

You can see the original post here.

Tyre Replacement Services

Its been a big day for wheels here at Bridge Classic Cars! We had Graeme from We Fit Any Tyres Anywhere pop into our HQ to fit some BMW and Mercedes Pagoda tyres for us.

Having such a great partnership allows us to offer more services within Bridge Classic Cars and work alongside local businesses.

Morris Minor Wheel Alignment

Tom has aligned the steering wheel in our Morris Minor, meaning this treasured Morris Minor 1000 will be ready to leave on Saturday. Centralising a steering wheel is done after a car has been test-driven to see where the steering wheel naturally returns to, making sure that the car doesn’t drift off to the side when the wheel sits in a neutral position.

As much as we love sending of our cars, it’s always a little sad to see a long term project leave the workshop.

DB7 Wheels For Refurbishment

We’re about to send our Aston Martin DB7 wheels off to Wheel Care to be refurbished, refaced and repainted. This ensures that the wheels last longer and run better. Since these wheels are Magnesium making them harder preserve throughout the process due to their porous nature.

Wheels have a hard life, often taking curbing dents, getting rough around the edges and generally worn down. Investing in refurbishing your wheels not only restores them to their former beauty but also increases your safety on the road. It is also more economic to refurbish your wheels rather than to replace them.

Jaguar At Dawn

The dawn chorus sounded a little different this morning. Accompanying the chirping birds on their morning song was the rumbling purr of an E-Type.

Craig was up early at our hanger this morning and decided to take our 1967 Jaguar out for a spin to keep it fresh and the Suffolk sunrise did not disappoint! What better than a beautiful car against a stunning backdrop.

You can take a closer look at its restoration journey and previous photos here or take a look at it on our ‘For sale’ page here.

Colour Matching on the TR5

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky

Our TR5 has been colour matched today by our friend and partner, Dean, from GB Refinish. Before Dean was able to assess the colour, one of our paint technicians had to polish part of the car so that the CME Colour Matcher can work its magic without picking up any dust, as that will affect its accuracy. We’re needing to add some paint touch-ups to the TR5 but didn’t know the exact colour as it was painted elsewhere but this is where Dean comes in!

Dean uses a nifty piece of equipment called the CME – Colour Explorer. This clever device used LED technology which asses the colour and creates unique codes for the surface that it has scanned. This scanning is done at several angles and when complete, Dean will then plug the device into his computer where it will provide the unique codes that will relate to an exact colour.

This is an incredibly useful tool when trying to colour match on classic cars that may have bespoke or ‘extinct’ colours that would otherwise be impossible to find. Dean’s expertise and equipment mean we can find the exact colour needed to ensure that each classic retains its original colour. Having Dean as a partner and contact at Bridge Classic Cars means we can provide specialist paint services.

Stripping back the interior of the 1979 Arrow Daytona

Brian has begun to strip down the interior of the 1979 Arrow Daytona in at Bridge Classic Cars.

Carefully Brian and the trim team have removed all of the carpeting and necessary trim panels to get access to both the dash and centre console which will be removed and stored before their restoration starts.

Along with the interior trim pieces, the wiring for the cabin has also been removed and catalogued for future reference once the car is back in the workshop to be reassembled.