January 7, 2021

Restoring the Riley

Our 1953 Riley RMS initially came in with some alignment issues with the bonnet and side panels however we discovered that the handbrake was sticking.

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Farewell Little Micra

We recently said goodbye to our little Micra that we’d all grown quite fond of. This 1994 Nissan Micra Dot, a future classic, went off to its new home earlier in the week.

As a versatile and nippy little car, its the perfect daily car whilst still being a possible future classic. We have known of our 1994 Nissan Micra Dot for many years as it belonged to Gordon (the Director’s) next door neighbour.

She has owned the car from new in 1994 and has covered just 19,000 miles in that time. Due to the fact that she very rarely used the car, she asked us whether we would consider selling it on her behalf.

Restoring the Riley

Our 1953 Riley RMS initially came in with some alignment issues with the bonnet and side panels however we discovered that the handbrake was sticking. To try and resolve this, Scott stripped the rear brakes, cleaned and greased where necessary and then cleaned up and re-greased the compensator as it was sitting too tight.

Scott also noticed that the handbrake cable had been routed different to the factory setting and was hard up against floor at an angle. To fix this, Scott took the cable off, regreased it and fitted it correctly.

We also noticed that the front right brake was binding slightly so Scott took the drum off and found that it was caked in dust and dirt. After giving it a clean, Scott then adjusted the brakes.

Triumphant Steps For The TR5

Mauro has been dedicated to the renovation of our beautiful 1968 Triumph TR5 that is slowly resembling more of a car now. With the engine now fitted in, Mauro has been diligently pouring over the engine bay to make sure everything is perfect.

Most recently Mauro has been working on refurbishing some of the smaller elements such as the heater box which has been stripped and serviced, and then reassembled with new matrix. The pedal box has also been refurburshed along with the dashboad, steering column and pedal box.

Once all these elements have been refurbished, they’ve been fitted back into the car.

Nissan 300ZX Completion

Our lovely Nissan 300ZX is almost finished. We’re just waiting on an Alternator Belt to arrive, which we will fit once its arrived.

We solved the running issues which we originally thought were linked to the cold start motor but were in fact linked to the air filter taking in too much air. Once the alternator belt has been fitted, one of the technicians will take the Nissan for a spin to see how it runs and as long as it passes its road test without any snags, it’ll be sent up to our hanger to be stored until the owner is ready to pick it up.

DB7 In For A Service

This stunning 1997 Aston Martin DB7 has been sat in storage up at our specialist hanger at RAF Bentwaters. Today it came in for a general service and check up.

This model is particularly rare as its a manual transmission whereas most of these models are automatic. The car was passed down to the current owner after previously belonging to the customers late father.

Our specialist classic car technician Tom has started the check-up today by replacing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs. Tom will also be checking the gearbox, differential and brakes among other elements. We aim to carry out a thorough service and refurbishment of this Aston Martin, leaving it healthy and new afterwards.

Calm Indian Cow – Beastmag London Feature – December 2020

Our Bedford J-Type truck restoration is being put to good use. Owner of Calm Indian Cow, a traditional Indian takeaway restaurant, Mahesh tasked us with restoring his 1971 Bedford Truck, fully loaded and ready for food preparation and service.

Based in Shoreditch, Mahesh is cooking up a storm, serving delicious Indian cuisine from the converted truck.

Beastmag London have recently featured Mahesh and Calm Indian Cow on their Instagram page. It was a pleasure to be tasked with such a special project. If you’re ever in the Leonard Street, Shoreditch area, we would thoroughly recommend paying Mahesh a visit.