October 23, 2020

Workshop Walkabout

We had a walkabout this workshop this afternoon to see what everyone’s up to. One of our classic car technicians Pete has the 1996 Nissan

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Workshop Walkabout

We had a walkabout this workshop this afternoon to see what everyone’s up to.

One of our classic car technicians Pete has the 1996 Nissan Patrol up on the ramp. “I’m working on the front disc brakes” he explains “the inner seal on the hub has gone.”

Pete’s lined up the front-wheel-drive axel, marking out exactly where each component goes, so it can go back together the exact same way.

The seats on our 1972 MGB Roadster are back from Kath in our in-house trim shop. Tamas is now fitting the seats back into car. “I’m also removing the wheels ready to go into paint” Tamas tells us “as well as refitting the luggage rack back onto the boot”.

Another MG also in the workshop, is our stunning 1960 MGA. Keen to modify the car, her owner is opting for heating to be installed. Some classics would have these modern ‘essentials’ as optional extras back in the day.

“We had to order the heater box from America” our expert Paul explains. “We’re also doing some minor improvements on the gearbox and pistons.” Paul’s also added another mirror that the customer’s asked for. Along with changing the rubber trim around the boot and bonnet from grey to black.

Classic car technician Scott’s continued fitting various bits and pieces onto our 1957 grey Jensen 541R. “I’ve been making the cable ends for the grill flap mechanism” he tells us. The front grill on the 541R opens to act as a cooling aid for the engine. The driver controls this mechanism from the front seat.

Scott’s also fitted the new windscreen washer system this week. Including new washer bottle, pipework and washer jet system.

Our impressive 1967 Jaguar E-Type Race Car has reached a milestone moment today! Our Director Gordon and workshop manager John got her engine roaring and even got flames firing out the exhausts!

This is a very exciting moment here at Bridge. After quite an exhaustive restoration, it’s a beautiful thing to finally have a car up and running again.

Gordon even managed a quick test drive round the car park!

In the trim shop our interior experts Kath and Brian are making great progress on our 1960 Black Jensen 541R. The back seats, front seats and centre console all now in position.

Rosie the dog even came to say hello!

Our car electrician Adam has been working on the 1965 Amphicar’s wiring. “I’ve been tidying up the engine bay wiring” Adam explains. “All the engine accessories and wiring wasn’t waterproof. Which for an Amphicar- is pretty important!”

Interestingly, the Amphicar’s engine is in the boot, much like boat engines are. Whereas under the bonnet, is where the fuel tank and storage space is.

Our engine expert Ady’s is getting ready to put the engine back in our 1972 Peugeot 504.

He’s also done some engine work on the 1953 Ford Taunus Transit Van. “It was running a bit rough. So, I’ve done a few engine tweaks and am hoping to do an oil and filter change next.”

Last but certainly not least, our body shop expert Anthony has been working on our 1987 Mercedes 500SL. “We need to get the underseal off the metal shell” explains Anthony. “It’s really tough to remove so we use a method of literally burning it off, it’s almost like melting it.”

Phew! What a busy week we’re having here at the workshop. As we fast approach the weekend I think everyone earned a well deserved break. Well done Bridge Class Cars team!

Next Stage On The Nissan

Our 1996 Nissan Patrol is due for the next stage in our in-house paint shop. Now the primer stage is complete, the final coats of her original green can be applied.

The Patrol’s not keeping her original textured black wheel spats. Instead, they’re being smoothed off and painted in Zinn Grey.

Once the shell and the grey painted parts are dried, it’ll be time to fix them back into place on the car. The car will undergo reassembly, including work on the disc brakes and four-wheel-drive components.

Strap Yourself In!

Our 1972 MGB Roadster has had a quick pit-stop in the trim shop this week. Kath has been taking care of the front seats as the base webbing straps were in a pretty bad state.

“All the old webbing straps were falling apart” Kath describes. “So I’ve taken off the seat clips to get to the webbing hooks. I then made new webbing straps and attached those to the base frame”.

Once the new straps were attached, Kath could then pull the cover back over and clip it into place. The seats are now ready to get fitted back into the our little MGB. Lovely work Kath!

Roadster’s Rub Down

Our striking 1972 MGB Roadster had been treated to a full valet this week. All thanks to Colin at Viper Auto Valet.

Finished in the eye-catching ‘Blaze Orange’, a good clean is sure to make her shine even brighter! This lovely little sportscar is now at home in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. That is, until we decide what to do with her next.

By all means, we’re open to suggestions….

New Sills On The Nissan

Our lovely little 1994 Nissan Micra Dot has been treated to new sills this week. Courtesy of our body shop expert Anthony.

They’d become a victim of rust damage. And although not a highly valuable ‘classic’ car, this type of repair is still very much worth carrying out to increase the lifespan of older cars.

Now our little Dot just needs a new paint job to blend in the new sills and she’ll be away!

Raptor Coating The 500SL

Our Director Craig’s 1987 Mercedes 500SL has been with Anthony in our body shop this week.

Anthony has been carrying out some extensive work on the the Mercedes’ shell. “Now the body’s been completely stripped and primed” Anthony explains “we’ve put a full black raptor coating on the entire shell.”

Raptor is tough and durable coating to protect your pride and joy from the elements. Mostly used for cars that go off-road or come into contact with more adverse weathers. You can apply raptor coatings to any vehicle. However, it’s not always necessary.

For more information and advice on raptor coating, feel free to give us a call- 01473 742038