October 6, 2020

Courtzz01 – October 2020

Our 1990 Austin Mini Thirty winner Courtney Barker couldn’t help but share this gushy Instagram post about her new toy!

“Always wanted one of these and still cant believe its mine!” – Well you better believe it Courtney, its certainly all yours!

Courtney has been a classic car fan since she was a child and has even set up her own car fan club – East Coast Japanese. She’s clearly been having so much fun with her new Mini, she’s forgotten to take pictures!

If you fancy winning your own classic Mini, we’re currently running a competition for someone to win this fantastic 1991 Rover Mini. To pick up your tickets, head to our competitions website.

Morris Making Progress

Our 1963 Morris Minor 1000 is out of the paint shop and into the workshop for a full reassembly.

Tamas, one of our specialist classic car technicians has been working on the rebuild. “I’ve fitted the new wings and wing rubbers” Tamas describes, “along with fitting the new front grills and chrome work”.

Tamas has also been fitting the new door latches and handles. The car’s also had new wheels fitted.

Along with the gearbox that’s been fitted this week, our technician Pete has also been working on getting the Morris Minor engine back in. The engine is now back in the car, back in its rightful place under the hood (well technically, the hood isn’t back on yet either!) But that’s another job on the list of putting this lovely little motor back together again!