June 24, 2020

1963 Jaguar SS1000

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist was called out to investigate an issue on this Jaguar SS1000. There was no spark so Ady has fitted

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1995 Efini RX-7 Type R Bathurst

Today we welcomed our 1995 Efini RX-7 Type R Bathurst. 1 of 500 produced for the Japanese market. Our RX-7 had 1 owner in Japan before coming over to the UK and has since had 1 owner in the UK before we got our hands on it. The car is absolutely stunning condition and has covered just 7,500 genuine miles with incredible history to back it up. Believed to the only 1 of this kind in the UK and a truly stunning example, a real collectors piece and could soon be yours…watch this space!

Porsche 911 Wheel Refurb

We have freshened up the look of the wheels on our 1982 Porsche 911 by repainting the black centre piece. To refurbish the wheel costs a substantial amount of money, more than a traditional wheel refurbishment due to the material they are manufactured with. Traditional diamond cut will work but will give a shinier look so to the purist this is not the correct result.

So, to fresh up the look without a full refurbishment we have repainted the black centre inserts.

Triumph Spitfire Leaves the Paint Shop

Darren has been tasked with completing the final trim installation on this Triumph Spitfire.

A home restoration, this Spitfire was brought to us for paint. Some of the paintwork was scratched and chipped when the Spitfire’s owner installed some of the exterior trim elements. Darren has repaired this paintwork and fitted the final few pieces of chrome trim.

Great work, Darren. The paintwork is looking perfect!

1957 Jensen 541 Interior Restoration Continues

Brian, one of Bridge Classic Cars Interior Trim Specialists has been hard at work on our 1957 Jensen 541R Interior. The door cards were fabricated from new wood.

He’s rebuilt the door card inserts and trimmed in this gorgeous chocolate brown leather. Using the original leather as a template, Brian has designed the door cards as close to original as possible.

Great work, Brian. this will look stunning when it’s installed into the car.

1990 Austin Mini Restorative Works

Mauro and Chris have been working on our soon-to-be-competition car, Austin Mini thirty.

It’s had a thorough service and inspection from Mauro.

Chris has repainted the Mini. There were a few scuffs and bodywork issues so we decoded to treat this little mini to a full respray

We’ve now just got to fit new door cards and mirrors and this car is ready to be enjoyed by the lucky winner.

E-Type Racecar Interior Progress

Kath has had the E-Type Racecar in the trim shop this week.

She’s making superb progress building up this interior from scratch. Take a look at the extensive gallery below to see all the details that have gone into this vehicles interior.

Sticking with the ethos of this build, we’ve kept the interior as minimalist as possible to keep weight to a minimum. Kath has designed bespoke leather inserts in place of traditional door cards.

BMW M3 prepared and ready for storage

Our 1998 BMW M3 Evoultion has returned to our hangar having been away touring the coast for a week. We have a few items to address on the car and then it will be put back in storage until the better weather returns.

1963 Jaguar SS1000

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist was called out to investigate an issue on this Jaguar SS1000. There was no spark so Ady has fitted a new distributor and coil. This classic Jaguar is now purring once again.